Saturday, March 2, 2019

Little Topiary House

Lora here for Alpha Stamps!
Here is a fun, fast and pretty project that let me get a little of the 'I-wish-it-was-spring-already!!' out of my system.
I love this little Mini House Front Box. It's so versatile and just the right size...about 4x4.5 and you can put stuff in it. So it's practical, right? And it's cute as a button.
I decided to put a topiary in mine.
I had thought of making this a giraffe house just because a giraffe neck and head sticking out of a house is kind of cute, but the topiary won. Mainly because there's no poo to clean up.
Here's where I started...
I used the pieces of the house as templates to cut my paper. I glued the sides of the house together and ONLY DRY FIT it to the base. I wanted the pieces to dry square but still wanted to remove the top of the house from the base.
After the house dried, I painted the inside of the house white and glued the papers on the outside. I glued the papers to the base and then attached the house. I wanted to be able to look down inside the house and see pretty paper, not just a white bottom, and it's a lot easier to paint the inside of a house while it's not attached to the base if you want to avoid getting paint on your 'floor'.
I also gave my trims (the Mini House Doors and Windows)  and fence (the Chipboard Fleur Border) a coat of white paint and then painted the 'fence' an iridescent green.
I set all that aside for some drying time and worked on my topiary.
I used 1inch, 1.5 inches and 2 inch foam balls. I poked each one through the paper stem wire I got at WalMart and put a dab of glue at the base of each one to keep them stationary.
After that, I simply tore of bits of moss and glued them on in pieces until each ball was covered. It was a bit messy, but it didn't take long.
You can use a glue gun which would be faster, but I have a tendency to glue myself to things, so I avoid glue guns whenever possible.
I drilled a hole in the center of a wooden block (about 1.5 inches) and painted it white. I inked it up around the edges with gold and pink stamp pads.
I gave my now dry topiary a bit of a trim and glued some flowers on it.
I decorated my little house with the Mini House Doors and Windows and with cute images from the papers from Spring Farm House 8x8 Paper Pad and some sweet Felt Flowers in pink and white. I also used the Small Wooden Finials as feet for the little house.
Small White Mulberry Blossoms were used on the topiary.
Dresden White Zig Zag Trim was arched over the door and window.
For a link to all the supplies used from Alpha Stamps, click HERE.

Spring Farmhouse 8x8 Paper Pad
Mini House Front Box
Mini House Doors & Windows 
Chipboard Fleur Border
One and a half inch Wood Block Cube
Medium Wooden Finials
Felt Flowers (in pink and white) 
Small White Mulberry Blossoms 
Dresden White Border Sampler Set
Sheet Moss

White Acrylic Paint
Green Iridescent paint
Foam balls 
Paper Stem Wire
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