Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Retro Kitty Cat Mini Halloween Bunting

There is something so charming about bygone Halloween images. I love all of them, but I especially like the cats. They are cute as can be, but I like that some of them are a little mischievous and edgy. And maybe a wee bit scritchy-scratchy. It's wise to give cats a wide birth on Halloween. Even the cute ones!
Here is a cute (and scratchy) Halloween Bunting complete with sweet little black bows and of course, sparkly green bats!

Definitely scritchy-scratchy........
This one could go either way. Best not interrupt her whilst she's playing her virtuoso!

This was a fun, easy project that I enjoyed putting together. Lots of bold color and good contrast. It's small, (the cards are sized for Altoid tins) but they pack a colorful punch!
I began with three kinds of Altoid Tins Insert Frames-Wrought Iron.
I used the frames as a template to cut my papers from the Bewitched 6x6 Paper Pad and
cut out my kitty images from Halloween Clock Spinners Collage Sheet. I painted all the frames black.
I glued the papers on to the back cards and then glued my pom pom fringe (I think the black fringe would look awesome on this as well!) on the BACK of the cards, letting the round  bits show on the front.
I glued the front frames in place on the outside thicker edge only, and then played with my images, placing them behind the fencing. I then glued all my kitties on to the Ric Rac (from the back) for hanging on display. After they are glued in and dry, I added bows, embellished with Stickles (both Lime Green and Diamond Black).
And last but not least, I added some awesome Mini Chipboard Bats that I painted black and added Lime Green Stickles to give them some stand-out glitter.
Because glitter!
And because I can.
Happy Halloween!!

All of these great supplies came from the wonderful Alpha Stamps and here's the list!
Mini Chipboard Bats
Wrought Iron Altoid Tin Insert Frames
3/8 Inch Ric Rac Ribbon-Black
Stickles: Lime Green, Black Diamond
Mini Pom Pom Fringe-Orange
Halloween Clock Spinners Collage Sheet
Bewitched 6x6 Paper Pad

Black Bows 
Thank you very much for dropping by!