Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Super Serious and Artsy Little Houses Matchbox Book

Hello everyone, Lora here with a Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts 
project using the Little Houses Matchbox Book. A fun and simple project I made using bits of scrap paper to compose a series of panels of ladies with crowns.
I struggled with a name for this one and drew a blank. The husband suggested 'Murky Madams' or 'Moss Maidens'.
I do believe his regard for my super serious art is rather irreverent.
Here are a few more pictures.
Perhaps you can think of a super serious artsy name for it!
For a little tutorial on how to compose a collage (it's easy-peasy!) click HERE.

And lastly, the back.
Thank you so much for visiting!

Little Houses Matchbox Book
Collage images from Sandy Gordon
Bits and pieces of saved scrap paper
White acrylic paint

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Sneak Peek at Neighborhood Facades!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts is launching some fun new product soon! The fabulous Gina and and Moi collaborated on a little neighborhood street filled with unique houses and architectural features, called Neighborhood Facades. Ya'll know my love/obsession with houses, so this has been such a joy to play with. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming your way soon!

This is an enchanting series of six little houses of different sizes and shapes and a sheet of templates and details that have endless possibilities!
Check in with us in a couple of weeks for a look at the whole neighborhood and some great mini tutorials on how I put some of this stuff together.
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Pretty Little Storage Hutch

Over the last few years I've been slowly making pieces of 1-12 scale dollhouse furniture to fill a doll house I've been building. I love using the kits, bits and pieces and great miniature furniture that Gypsy Soul laser Cuts has in their vast inventory of cool and interesting things!
Here is the latest piece I made out of the Storage Hutch.
Here it is empty...

 And here it is full of odds and ends and maybe the beginnings of a crystal ball collection.

I started out with the Storage Hutch.
I painted all of the shelving and the top and bottom pieces a nice shade of cream.
Using the back piece as a template, I drew and then cut out the back pieces. (both the front and the reverse side) And the bit that belongs to the fancy front top edge.
I glued the papers on their respective parts and dry fit the hutch, making sure everything slid together smoothly and adjusting or trimming paper went it was too tight a squeeze.
I love it already!
I had initially planned on the sides and top being painted cream but I decided I liked it better with the stripey paper on the top (cut to match the valance)
And some black printed paper for the sides.
Sometimes one can have too many stripes.
Except for socks. One cannot have too many pairs of stripey socks.
A view of the back and side.
I added some stamped metal flowers and lastly little painted details. It's not a complicated project, but it has it's own charm.
Thank you for coming by!
Storage Hutch
Gold Paint
Scrapbook paper (what I used was bits of Graphic 45 Curiosity Shoppe and Communique)
Stamped brass findings
Gold stamp pad

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Halloween 24/7

Yep. You know how you get a little itchy when you haven't done something Halloween related in a while?
No? Really?
Well, okay. But just to mix things up a bit, it's Halloween in May at my house.
Here's a fun thing I made using Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts super-sturdy-do-anything-on-'em Chunky ATC Blanks. I love these things. They are just about indestructible and put up with a lot of mixed media, sanding, painting over and general artsy masochism.
This is a straightforward project, so I wasn't so hard on the poor things this time, but I like the visual effect.
  They are fairly simple but I like the stark contrast of the black trees (I used the 3D Chip Board Tree-3inch and just a little black silhouette of a Halloween critter (which I just drew in with a good black marker) with some borders I cut from the Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Ephemera Cards.
Easy, but effective.
Here's where it began...
I then covered the fronts of the ATC's with my chosen papers.
I cut the borders from the G45 papers and cut the trees in half. I painted them black (some are white in the photo, but later I changed them to all black).
Please note that the borders are larger than the ATC's and that is okay.

Setting aside the trees to dry, I flipped the ATC's over, lined them up and glued a ribbon down the center of the ATC's, leaving enough ribbon at the top to loop over as a hanger.
Do a dry run of the frames on the ATC's with the frames and ribbon to make sure you've left enough space for you to glue the frames on to the ATC's and not have them overlap.
I chose to have very little space between each piece, but you might like more of the ribbon to show between each one. Your choice!
After the ribbon dried, I glued the frames and the trees on the front, making sure the frames were centered as best I could make them on the ATC's. 
After the trees dried I drew in some simple Halloween shapes with a pencil and went over them with a very black marker.
I chose a bat, a cat and a spider, but you can let your creepy critter flag wave here and choose whatever you like.
Not to waste, I finished off the backs with the center pieces I cut out of the G45 ephemera cards.

Simple but effective.
Going for the simple design that has visual impact.
Hope you like it!
Thanks for dropping by.

Chunky ATC Blanks
3D Chip Board Tree-3inch 
Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Ephemera Cards
Black paint
Black marker

Friday, April 24, 2020

Toilet Paper Roll Night Lights!

What do you do on what feels like day 750 of quarantine? You make toilet paper roll night lights and put a little glow out into the world.
Hello all my wonderful Make and Take ladies! I sure have missed seeing you all.
In lieu of us all gathering together I have made this picture tutorial of a craft that just makes me smile. I hope it does the same for you.
I love all of you and can't wait to see you in person again.
Okay, let's do this!!

This is a fun and super easy way to upcycle something that we all have in our house and a nice way to use up bits and scraps of ribbon and whatever else you want to embellish your loverly toilet roll.

The basic things you need to make this craft.....

1) A toilet paper roll
2) A sheet of craft paper (you can use copy paper if that is what you have)
3) White paint
4) Black paint
5) Glue (Elmer's, Aleene's or any white glue will do)
6) A battery tea light
7) Bits of ribbon and silk or paper flowers (All the ribbon came from WalMart and the flowers were left over from another project. Most of us have a few silk flowers somewhere in the house...don't be shy about using large ones if that's what you've got. They look adorable!)
8) Black Marker (I used a Sharpie)
9) Scissors

Yay! Let's play with crafty stuff! Here we go........

Toilet paper rolls. Or paper towel rolls you can cut to the heights you want. If you've got 'em use 'em!
Draw windows on your wee TP Tower of Power with your black marker. Use a pencil if you need to practice
Cut the windows out with a pair of sharp scissors. (If you are doing this with a child, you might want to do this bit for them.)
 Give it a coat or two of white paint- I did two coats. Set aside and let it dry.
I used wax paper I taped down to my work surface and poured a small amount of paint directly on the wax paper. It saves a lot of clean up!
Okay moving on...
When the paint is dry, put a dab of black paint on your wax paper and paint around the inside edges of your windows and paint little frames/window sills around each one.
You can use your marker for this bit if that is more comfortable.
Next step might look weird, but it makes a big difference.
Take your marker or you paint brush of black paint and paint along the bottom edge (the base) of your tower.
Doing this will fill in any bits of white that might show after you add you ribbon and you don't have to go in afterwards and try to fill in the white bits.
It doesn't have to be super tidy, just do your best to make it neat and just a thin lie at the very bottom. Set it aside for the moment.
Have a piece of chocolate!
Or maybe a couple slices of apple and some cheese.
That is so perky.
 Next we are going to work on the little roof and the base.
First the roof. make a pointy little cone by doing this.....
Draw a circle that is 2 1/4 and cut a quarter-size slice of pie out of it. Graph paper helps, but you can eyeball it or use the bottom of something round as a template.
Like this.....

Put a thin line of glue down one side of the 'pie slice' and bend the other side to meet it to form a cone. Use a paper clip to hold it together until it dries.

 Next step.....paint the roof and the base black and let them dry.
Now comes the SUPER FUN PARTS!
Oh, how I love embellishing things.
All my Make and Take ladies know how this part works.
There isn't really a plan to this. I sort of compose what I think looks nice out of the scraps of ribbon and flowery bits I hunted around for and play around with how they look on the pieces before I glue anything down.
Then I start sticking stuff down. I start with the ribbon on the base of the tower and then painted and decorated the wee roof.

 I DID NOT glue the roof on the tower. That come a bit later. If you painted dots or stripes on your roof, let that dry before you put on flowers or beads or fringe or anything else. Paint first. Let it dry. Add embellishments and details.
 It's also easier to add details to your tower before you glue the roof on, but I kind of did both as I wanted to add more (like the flowers I drew).
All the details that are on the tower, the arches and decorative stuff around the windows I did with a Sharpie marker
When you have your tower detailed the way you like it, glue the roof on by applying glue around the top edge your tower and pop the roof on taking care to make sure the roof isn't on wonky unless that is what you want, then go for it!
And you are essentially finished. You don't want to glue the base to your tower or you won't be able to turn your tea light on and off. You can, however, glue the base to the top of something fun like a little candlestick (see picture below) or anything else you think is fun or you happen to have on hand.
Once you get one of these under your crafty belt, you can make a million variations, so use your imagination and craft something uniquely you!

Here's a quick flower to draw step-by-step.

Thank you so very much for visiting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Archtop House Diptych

A bit spring, a little forest. Simple and pretty and easy on the eye. A wee diptych just for you.....

And the back....

For anyone who would like to see the detailed tutorial on how to put together these cute ArchTop House Silhouettes, click HERE.
 This is a pretty straight forward project that most of that tutorial covers. The little extra thing here was I used the Tiny Shingles Sampler Set including the scrap in between bits to embellish the piece.
I gave them a coat of gesso and then painted them green.
I also used a paint marker to do the dot details on both sides of the piece.
And a fun thing I discovered. The scrap bit between the pointed shingles bends really easily so you can arch it and even use it for tiny little bunting on another project, so don't throw it away!
Another tip...I use wax paper to paint my bits and pieces on. They peel off without sticking.

ArchTop House Silhouettes
Tiny Shingles Sampler Set
Forest papers by Stamperia
Acrylic paint marker (don't use the oil paint one.....it takes forever to dry!)
Stamped Brass Findings