Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seaward Pendant

I've been dabbling in PMC for a  year and quite seriously for the past six months.
Everything I've learned has been through trial and error and reading a lot of books!
Here is a pendant I'm pretty happy with.
It's PMC3, the chain I made with fine silver wire (18 gauge jump rings and hammered wire). The stamps I used for the text and the seashell are from a collection I got at Alpha Stamps  called
Under the Sea Cling Stamp Set.
The pendant is about 2.5 inches long including the seashell and the chain is 28 inches.

I plan on many more pieces! PMC is a lot of fun to work with and you don't have to be an expert to make something thoroughly satisfying.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mermaid Lantern

Continuing in the beachy mermaid theme I've got going on here is a fun lantern I made for Alpha Stamps. I had so much fun making her! Most everything came from Alpha Stamps with the exception of the tentacle thingy, which I made from polymer clay and the disc that is in back of the mermaid figure-also made from polymer clay.

I just realized the wee pearl I glued into her hand has gone missing and she's gazing at her palm.
Perhaps she's just wishing the artist that made her abode was more on the ball.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tunnel Book Love

Oh, I do love tunnel books! Here are three versions of the same kind of construction. I did these for the fabulous folks at Alpha Stamps with a wee tutorial on how to change the 'scenery' around if you have a hankering to do so!

First off, if you've never made a tunnel book, there is a great tutorial Here at Kira Nichols
awesome site, Oops, I Craft My Pants.
Secondly, what I am going to show you is easy peasy and a fun way to change out what you have in your tunnel book. You can design one to change with the seasons, or make a little beach babes fashion show like the one I've done here.


After I constructed the bones of my book, I cut pieces of card stock into 4x4 squares.
I tried to slide the squares down through the top of my book, but they won't fit, so I trim off the excess and dry fit it again. I've learned that even though I'm measuring to fit, they don't always, so it's best to check. After I get the size right, I trim out most of the paper leaving about 1/4 inch 'frame'.

I use the first frame I cut as a template for the additional frames. How many you cut is up to you. The more layers you have, the more depth and dimension you get. This book has slots for eight frames.
After all the frames are cut out, it's time to play!
Since I want this to be beachy and tropical with a vintage feel, I'm using these collage sheets from
Alpha Stamps:
Bathing Costumes Collage Sheet
Boardwalk Fashions Collage Sheet
Beach and Shore Backdrops Collage Sheet

I cut out a lot of foliage, ladies in swimsuits and a couple in street clothes and played around until I got things in positions I liked and glued the individual pieces on their frames.
I colored the bottoms of each frame so they blend into the scene.

After that, it's a matter of playing around with the order they go in and what you want to be in the background, foreground and mid-ground.
I also used one of the frames to change the background from the ship/beach scene to beach parasols.
Here are ladies with the parasol background.

Supplies lists and a couple of shots of the other tunnel books......




Supplies for 'Shipwreck'
Ships and Waves Backdrops Collage Sheet
Mermaids #3 Collage Sheet
4x4 Die-Cut Chipboard Frame Set
Travel Sea Shells Grand Adhesions

Supplies for 'Waterbabies'
4x4 Die-Cut Chipboard Frame Set
Mermaids #3 Collage Sheet
Ships and Waves Backdrop Collage Sheet
Children at the Beach Collage Sheet
Dimensional Mini Seashells
Sand Dollar Ledger Scrapbook Paper

The parasols in the Beach Babes are from Graphic 45 's Birdsong Collection, 'Endless Spring'.
The paper used for the front of Beach Babes is Fresh.

Additional Supplies
Vintage Plastic Beads
Copic Markers