Tuesday, August 18, 2020

An Old Favorite, by Request

Revisiting an old favorite, by request. For the complete tutorial, click HERE



Monday, August 3, 2020

Little Summer Tag

One of the things that has sustained me in this crazy time we are living in is my garden. No matter how nuts and turned upside down things are in the world, things are as they should be when I am working in my garden.
This little tag is a small token that reminds me of what a special place a garden is and what peace and solace we can derive from them.
Perhaps you have a garden of some kind that has helped you as well. Make a little tag like this and stick it in your book or in your car our hang it near your desk to remind you that the garden will always be waiting for you.

In this piece I used four elements from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts:

Here is where I began...
I glued the Tiny Bird House together and gave it a coat of white primer.

Using the smallest tag from the Stagger Tags set as a template, I cut the paper for the front and back and glued them on. I sanded the edges and inked them up with a little gold ink and a little Ranger Vintage Photo ink to give the piece a little bit of age.
I cut out the elements that I wanted to use in the collage composition.
Often these bits and pieces change as I go along, but this time they stayed pretty consistent.

I glued the portion of the Wrought Iron Set I wanted to use to the tag. (see above photo)
I then aligned the center of the window with the larger bit of the center of the scroll, which is to the right of the tag and glued it down. The flowers I butted directly against the window and glued them down.
I decided to paint the birdhouse green and after giving it about thirty seconds to dry (I hate waiting) I glued that at the bottom center of the window.
After the main elements were in, it was a matter of adding extras like the blue floral banner (which I glued on next) and the tiny paper flower buds.
I added little details to the bird house and dots of white acrylic paint.
I do love dots.
I also added micro beads by using white glue and a needle to guide the glue where I wanted it to go and then gently shaking the beads on the piece, thus allowing them to stick only where the glue was placed.
A pretty white paper flower and a bright green ribbon are the final touches to this cheerful little thing!
Hope you enjoy making your own!
Thank you for stopping by!
Additional Supplies:
Bits of scrap from Stamperia's Glory of the Garden
Grass Green Mocro Beads
White Acrylic paint Pen (I used a Sharpie Poster Paint Pen)
Paper Flowers