Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's going to be a Dark and Stormy Night.....

Lora here for the awesome Alpha Stamps!
Here is a piece with some interesting elements..... a stormy sea with a ship teetering on the brink of disaster.
A woman looking away from the ship, gazing into the 'room' with a sea serpent coiled around her ankles.
What is the story? Is she a transformed mermaid seeking vengeance on the sea captain that imprisons her?
Is she about to send the serpent to rescue the crew of the ship?
Whatever is happening, it's going to be a rough, wet night.
The sullen glow of an angry sunset, lightning flickering in the distance.
I started out with the Arch Shrine Shadowbox....
I cut the papers I needed for the front of the facade, the sides and back. And gave the inside a coat of gesso and white paint to keep it light and bright enough to see the images inside.
I also applied gesso and a coat of whit paint to the Double Layer Window-Plain, cut paper to fit around the edge, measuring the area of the inside of the box, and added 'legs' so it would stand away from the back of the box and also give me something to glue down to secure the window.
I set this aside to dry and put together and painted the Small Chipboard Victorian Wall Shelf and ivory color, adding gold details.
I painted the window frame ivory and set it aside once again to dry.
I drilled a hole in the top of the shadowbox big enough to fit a tea light flame. (I turned the tea light upside down with flame pointing down through the hole. Very easy to turn on and change the battery!)
I glue my window in after checking to make sure I had everything attached to the back of the shadowbox.
I glued the facade on and once all that is dry, began attaching all the details like the shelf I painted earlier, various bits of collage images and pearls.
So fun!
Thank you for stopping by!

For a link to all the supplies used click HERE.
Collage Sheets:
Sea Green Mermaids, Sea Serpents, Ocean Waves, Stormy Seas, Edwardian Women,
Seaside Collage Sheet
Candlestick Holder
LED Tea Light
Wide brass Filigree Header
1 Inch Tall White Vase
Small Chipboard Victorian Wall Shelf
Double Layer Window- Plain
Arched Shrine Shadowbox
All papers from Seaside and Me collection
Stickles in Lime Green
All the seashells and other squiddy bits are from either the paper collection listed above or the Sea green Mermaids Collage sheet

Other: Acrylic paint (ivory, gold) mixed sized pearls


Connie said...

Love this!

Artifice said...

So beautiful! I love all your details. The space behind the window with the tea light is really interesting. The Victorian shelf is wonderful! Linda