Tuesday, August 18, 2020

An Old Favorite, by Request

Revisiting an old favorite, by request. For the complete tutorial, click HERE



Monday, August 3, 2020

Little Summer Tag

One of the things that has sustained me in this crazy time we are living in is my garden. No matter how nuts and turned upside down things are in the world, things are as they should be when I am working in my garden.
This little tag is a small token that reminds me of what a special place a garden is and what peace and solace we can derive from them.
Perhaps you have a garden of some kind that has helped you as well. Make a little tag like this and stick it in your book or in your car our hang it near your desk to remind you that the garden will always be waiting for you.

In this piece I used four elements from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts:

Here is where I began...
I glued the Tiny Bird House together and gave it a coat of white primer.

Using the smallest tag from the Stagger Tags set as a template, I cut the paper for the front and back and glued them on. I sanded the edges and inked them up with a little gold ink and a little Ranger Vintage Photo ink to give the piece a little bit of age.
I cut out the elements that I wanted to use in the collage composition.
Often these bits and pieces change as I go along, but this time they stayed pretty consistent.

I glued the portion of the Wrought Iron Set I wanted to use to the tag. (see above photo)
I then aligned the center of the window with the larger bit of the center of the scroll, which is to the right of the tag and glued it down. The flowers I butted directly against the window and glued them down.
I decided to paint the birdhouse green and after giving it about thirty seconds to dry (I hate waiting) I glued that at the bottom center of the window.
After the main elements were in, it was a matter of adding extras like the blue floral banner (which I glued on next) and the tiny paper flower buds.
I added little details to the bird house and dots of white acrylic paint.
I do love dots.
I also added micro beads by using white glue and a needle to guide the glue where I wanted it to go and then gently shaking the beads on the piece, thus allowing them to stick only where the glue was placed.
A pretty white paper flower and a bright green ribbon are the final touches to this cheerful little thing!
Hope you enjoy making your own!
Thank you for stopping by!
Additional Supplies:
Bits of scrap from Stamperia's Glory of the Garden
Grass Green Mocro Beads
White Acrylic paint Pen (I used a Sharpie Poster Paint Pen)
Paper Flowers

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hand painted Little Bird Box

When I painted this wee Little Bird Box I imagined it hanging on a gypsy caravan. Thanks to Gina, the Big Boss of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for letting me play with your really cool stuff!

 Started with this.....

I glued the sides and bottom on the back and painted the inside white. You don't really have to paint the inside, but making it white reflects a little light and makes the inside a little bit brighter.
I glued on the front and top and painted the whole thing with a coat of gesso.
I made a hanger for gluing on the back out of some 20 gauge black wire I got from the hobby store  (the big loop is for hanging and the small loop is there to give the glue more wire to stick to, making the piece more sturdy) and glued it on the back of the bird box, making sure it was centered.
After the glue dried, I painted the whole box black. I used Liquitex Mars Black.
And painted the edges an emerald green.
I began painting the center flower by painting petals at north, south, east and west and then filling in the other petals. This makes the spacing even and pleasing to the eye.
Once this parameter is established as a guideline, I just kept painting with the green, then added touches of yellow and lastly, little dots of white.
After all the paint dried, I began to glue the craft leaves on the back of the bird box.
I glued the leaves on making sure they were centered, then put something with a little weight to it on top of the bird box to press the leaves down, making them dry flat.
Voila! Ready for hanging!
Thank you for dropping by!

Little Bird Box
20 gauge wire (or any wire you have handy)
Acrylic paint
Leaves for the back......I used clothe ones, but paper would work great.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Super Serious and Artsy Little Houses Matchbox Book

Hello everyone, Lora here with a Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts 
project using the Little Houses Matchbox Book. A fun and simple project I made using bits of scrap paper to compose a series of panels of ladies with crowns.
I struggled with a name for this one and drew a blank. The husband suggested 'Murky Madams' or 'Moss Maidens'.
I do believe his regard for my super serious art is rather irreverent.
Here are a few more pictures.
Perhaps you can think of a super serious artsy name for it!
For a little tutorial on how to compose a collage (it's easy-peasy!) click HERE.

And lastly, the back.
Thank you so much for visiting!

Little Houses Matchbox Book
Collage images from Sandy Gordon
Bits and pieces of saved scrap paper
White acrylic paint

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Sneak Peek at Neighborhood Facades!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts is launching some fun new product soon! The fabulous Gina and and Moi collaborated on a little neighborhood street filled with unique houses and architectural features, called Neighborhood Facades. Ya'll know my love/obsession with houses, so this has been such a joy to play with. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming your way soon!

This is an enchanting series of six little houses of different sizes and shapes and a sheet of templates and details that have endless possibilities!
Check in with us in a couple of weeks for a look at the whole neighborhood and some great mini tutorials on how I put some of this stuff together.
Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Pretty Little Storage Hutch

Over the last few years I've been slowly making pieces of 1-12 scale dollhouse furniture to fill a doll house I've been building. I love using the kits, bits and pieces and great miniature furniture that Gypsy Soul laser Cuts has in their vast inventory of cool and interesting things!
Here is the latest piece I made out of the Storage Hutch.
Here it is empty...

 And here it is full of odds and ends and maybe the beginnings of a crystal ball collection.

I started out with the Storage Hutch.
I painted all of the shelving and the top and bottom pieces a nice shade of cream.
Using the back piece as a template, I drew and then cut out the back pieces. (both the front and the reverse side) And the bit that belongs to the fancy front top edge.
I glued the papers on their respective parts and dry fit the hutch, making sure everything slid together smoothly and adjusting or trimming paper went it was too tight a squeeze.
I love it already!
I had initially planned on the sides and top being painted cream but I decided I liked it better with the stripey paper on the top (cut to match the valance)
And some black printed paper for the sides.
Sometimes one can have too many stripes.
Except for socks. One cannot have too many pairs of stripey socks.
A view of the back and side.
I added some stamped metal flowers and lastly little painted details. It's not a complicated project, but it has it's own charm.
Thank you for coming by!
Storage Hutch
Gold Paint
Scrapbook paper (what I used was bits of Graphic 45 Curiosity Shoppe and Communique)
Stamped brass findings
Gold stamp pad