Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Little House Book

Hello, Lora here having fun with all the wonderfulness that is Gypsy Soul laser Cuts!
This week I have been playing with the Mini House Album and have turned it into a cute, odd little book. It doesn't really have a theme except that it's got a lot of interesting little characters and there is a lot of the color green. I just played with the pages and let them be whatever my imagination wanted them to become.
 For scale, here is a picture of it in my untidy, paint spotted hand.
And some pictures of the inside bits.
I am going to highlight a technique in this post as I am going to assume (this once) that most folks who look at this blog have used either Mod Podge or Matte medium before and that is how all the papers are attached to the substraight, which is the Mini House Album.
Here is where I began, by cut and gluing all the papers to the front and back of each 'page' and then measuring where I wanted the holes punched for binding the book together.
The technique I am going to show is a simple one, but I get asked about it when I teach a class so I am going to show you here.
I you look at the pictures above of the finished book, you'll notice that the key shapes and sometimes the borders on the background papers are dark around the edges to define and edge, draw the eye and make a feature object stand out a bit more.
What I like to do is use a Stabilo pencil that is what they call "Aquarellable" which basically means it is soluble when liquids are applied to it. That can mean water or any type of liquid media like matte medium or glaze.
In the photo above I have used it to draw around the edge of the paper ruler border I glued on to the background paper of the house.
In the photo below, I have used matte medium and a brush to activate the pencil and it darkens and smudges, creating a blurred edge that makes the ruler pop a bit.
You can also use watercolor pencils in the same way. If you use matte medium or glaze, the color stabilizes and cannot be activated with water or any other wet medium and that allows you to paint, draw ink or whatever you choose to do on top of the pencil or watercolors. Many thanks to artist Karen O'Brien for sharing her watercolor/matte medium technique which lead me to the Stabilo Auquarelle pencil!
I really like using the Stabilo pencil because I like the gray black fuzzy edges it makes, but feel free to experiment with what ever you choose.
In this picture (above) I have use the same technique on the edges of the torn paper in the mid-racge and the bottom edge of the house.

Here is the completed panel. I may have been a wee bit enthusiastic with my pencil, but it's so dang fun to play with. Hope you have fun trying it too!
SUPPLIES: I used a mixture of bits and pieces from various Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts kits and individual pieces which are listed below;

Mini House Album
Decorative Windows 1 to 24
Mini Bird Cages
House Jewelry Pieces
Creepy Corners (for the spider)
Printers Ornament Corners
Tiny Number Plates

Additional Supplies:
Collage sheets ( used a lot of Sandy Gordon's Art Tea Life digital collage images on this piece)
Stamperia Patchwork Scrapbook Papers
Acrylic paint
Matte Medium
Stabilo Aquarellable Pencil
Brilliance Ink Pads in Galaxy Gold, Rocket Red Gold, Pearlescent Thyme
Stickles Diamond Glitter Glue
Waxed Line thread
Wooden beads

Saturday, April 20, 2019

We're All Mad Here.......

Hello all! Lora here, just hanging around making stuff for Alpha Stamps today.
The theme for April is Alice and all that Wonderland brings to mind.
I decided to go with an Alice Altoid tin shrine this go 'round. I really like the red, black and white theme - very eye catching!
And the back....
Here's where I began:
I started with an Altoid tin. Notice the little hinges holding the lid on?
Using a pair of pliers, I pulled the hinge out straight so I could take the lid off.
After removing the lid,  I snipped off the hinge as close the edge of the tin as possible. Flush cutters work well for this.
I sanded the sharp edges down (make sure you use a sanding block or fold your sandpaper over a couple of times, you don't want to cut yourself!) I also sanded the tin and the lid to rough up the surface. It makes it a lot easier to glue paper down when there is more tooth to the surface.
Next, I cut my papers using the tin and lid for templates and trimming carefully to fit each surface.
You will need a piece for the inside back of the tin, the backside of the tin and one piece for the top of the tin lid and one for the outer edge of the tin sides.
I painted my insert and the Altoids Topper black and also painted the sides of the inside of the tin as well, making sure I got into the edges.
I cut out my images from my collage sheets as well.
I glued my papers on the tin and then I glued little corks on the back of my Alice to bring her forward in the tin, and did the same for a couple of the paper roses so that they were at different depths inside the tin. The corks work out well as they are light weight and tapered and easy to work with.
I used a pair of tweezers to position Alice and the roses inside the tin. Dry fitting them first and gluing them in when I was happy with the arrangement.
I added Dresden Trim to the outside edge of the tin, then glued the insert on to the top edge of the tin. after that dried, I glued on the Altoids Topper to the top and let it dry.
After it dried, I added white dots (using white acrylic paint and a brush) to the insert as it needed some detail and glued a red paper rose to the top center of the Altoids Topper.
I also trimmed out the edge of the topper with some Black Diamond Stickles.
Because glitter.
I glued the 'We're All Mad Here' banner on the bottom of the tin and set it aside to dry.
Oh, and I wanted to put something odd in her hand and I thought this little five of hearts dude was just the right size and I loved his expression. Kind of WTH?!!

I glued my last piece of paper on the tin lid and let that dry.
I added the same Dresden Trim (called Baroque Dresden Borders - Black) around the outside edge and then some snazzy mini red pompom fringe.
When all was dry, I attached a white painted finial to the bottom of the tin, glued that down to the center of the tin lid and added a couple of paper roses.
Last but not least, I added an image to the back and signed the piece.
Thank you for visiting!
For a link to all the awesome supplies used on this project AND the Bonus Project below, click HERE

Altoid Tin,  We're All Mad Here Collage Sheet, Alice Covers Collage Sheet (tiny little card man), Altoid Inserts Vignette (oval), Altoids Topper 2, 1/2 Inch Red Paper Roses, Tiny Paper Roses (red and white), Baroque Dresden Borders - Black, Black and Ivory Diamonds Scrapbook Paper, Black Diamond Stickles

Alices Little Deck of Cards in an Adorable Wee Box!!
It's so tiny and cute!
 Itty bitty cards.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sweetly Scented Houseflies

These little houseflies work hard. They buzz around your house searching for smelly things - got a teenage boy? Then you know what their socks are like! Kitty box? No problem! After-a-party bathroom? Their favorite!
These industrious little houseflies flitter to the funk and let loose the lavender scent in their pretty eyeball flowers on a lovely breeze created by the flutter of their little black glittery fly wings.
Yes, it's a little crazy.
Here are the elements I used....
Mini House Shadowbox 3
Standard Shingles Half Scale
Petal Corners Minis
Faux Metal Number Plates
Wings and Halo (coming soon)

I started by painting everything. The inside of the houses I painted white and the rest of the pieces got a coat or two of black. (Except for the shingles and the house numbers)
After the house (outside and back) the wings and the petal corners were painted, I glued the shingles on the roof.
I cut what I needed to fit and started from the bottom and worked up, like a real roofer would. After they dried, I painted the shingles a rich brown.
I glued the wings to the back of the house, positioning them carefully and  glued the petal corners to the top gable of the house.
I added some Black Diamond Stickles to the wings, glued a little eyeball to the flowers and glued a small cork to the back of each flower to bring then forward from the back of the house.
Before gluing the flowers down, I applied a drop of lavender oil to the petals of the flowers.
I glued a Faux metal number to the top of the petal corner and some black tinsel garland around the edge of the house. Kind of reminiscent of hairy little fly legs!

Thank you for stopping by!
Mini House Shadowbox 3
Standard Shingles Half Scale
Petal Corners Minis
Faux Metal Number Plates
Wings and Halo (coming soon)

Supplies from Alpha Stamps:
Miniature Black Tinsel Garland
Black Diamond Stickles

Additional supplies
Acrylic paint (black, brown and white)
Silk flowers

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Trading Cards Magnets

Something slightly odd and cheerful for my turn on Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts today.
I tried to come up with a name for this trio of trading squares, but I just couldn't make up my mind...
When Pigs Fly, Time Flies (or a Flock of Clocks) Air Mail Trading Card Magnets was just a wee bit too long.
So Trading Square Magnets it is.
 (magnets from the hardware store....they are gnarly)
I stared out with these little guys...
I cut paper for the back and the fronts and painted some bird cages black. I also cut out door openings where needed.
I had a scrap of pretty blue sky with clouds paper and cut them to fit the backs of the bird cages and glued them in.
I sanded all my squares and inked around the edges with gold ink and cut out little tiny clocks, stamps, pigs and butterflies and glued the butterfly wings on the backs of the stamps, the pigs and the clocks.
I used washi tape, green leaf ribbon and dots of black paint (the round end of a paint brush dipped in paint and then daubed on) as the background on my squares.
I glued the bird cages on, then the critters in arrangements I liked and added the Tiny Number Plates and any extra leaves or dots.
I like 'em!
2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch Trading Cards  (On the way!)
Mini Bird Cages
Faux Metal Number Plates

Black acrylic paint
Scraps of scrapbook papers
Images from Graphic 45  Olde Curiosity Shoppe
Moss Green Stitched Leaf Ribbon  from Alpha Stamps (you can get it HERE)
Magnets....I got mine from the hardware store, they are stronger and stick better.

Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trixie Likes Bees

Hello everyone, Lora here for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.
Beatrix Mellifera likes honeybees.
A lot.
And they like her.
She draws them, studies them, talks to them and generally looks after their well being.
She cultivates their favorite flowers and fusses over them when it gets cold and shoos away naughty insects that might do them harm.
She is a great friend and guardian.
She's a little quirky, but aren't we all?
She has lots of personality and if you ask about bees, she can talk about them for a very long time. And she has great hair...
I began with the Art Doll Nicho (which is coming to the store soon).
I glued down the inside folds of the box and clipped them together until the glue set.
NOTE: the flaps are not glued down, just folded in to help the clips hold the wet gluey bits.
Next, I painted the inside of the box cream and aged up the corners a bit with some brown ink using a Q-tip and cut the papers front and back using the nicho as the template. Notice that when I cut the back paper, I included the circle (head). I did this to give added strength to the piece when I glue the collage sheet face onto the circle.
In the picture above, I glued the box on to the backside of the nicho, painted the side of the box cream and inked it up a bit to give it a little patina. After it dried, I dry fit the paper on to the back, pushing it over the box carefully, adjusting the fit as needed. I carefully removed the paper after I had a good fit, added glued and stuck it down.

I glued Beatrix' head on and then the front papers. I added bits of cotton lace around the nicho opening and gave her a pretty lace collar. I attached the brass bee to a small cork and did the same with some of the sequin flowers, cutting the corks to different heights to give things depth.

I put the flowers and little bits of glitter and sequins in the box before I added the bee. That made it a lot easier to add or subtract detail without having to work around a big object.

 I made a little skirt out of leftover paper and arms and legs for Beatrix from a collage sheet (you can get this or something similar at Alpha Stamps)

 I stuck a command strip on the back of the box to attach her to this pillar. You can do the same thing anywhere in your house.

A little lace, glitter, sequins and a pretty bee....... you can't go wrong!
Thank you for stopping by!

Art Doll Nicho (coming soon!)
You can get the Art Doll Nicho HERE

Acrylic paint
Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe paper (HERE)
Collage sheet
Tea stained lace

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mice Like Candy too....Part Two

Greetings! Lora here for the terrific Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and Part Two of Mice Like Candy Too. Today I am going to do the do the four remaining tags.
In the picture below, you can see the top row is what I did a couple of weeks ago and the bottom row are the four I am going to chat about today.
Most of the elements are the same - the background color, candy jars, dots and flowers all help with cohesiveness and tie all the tags together, making them a set.
I began with cutting out all the bits and pieces I may (or may not) use. I wanted some different mice and these cute little fellows fit in with the look I was going for. (I darkened up their color so they would pop a bit more) I cut out a bunch of circles and various sweets and jars and played with the mix until I got layouts I liked....
I started gluing my layers on starting with what will be in the background-the circles.
With a little daub of glue at the bottom of the mouse, I attached him to where I wanted him on the jar and then glued the whole piece down and attached the number, adding dots after everything dried.
 Next, the ribbon was added and glitter was used for a sparkly bit of detail. The flower was glued on as the last thing.
Not a difficult project, but I think they are so cute. I decided that I did not want to make a banner of them as a friend of mine is having a little baby shower for her grand daughter and we are going to use them for place cards for the table. Now I have to make a 'few' more!
Small Tag Set
Faux Metal Number Plates

Bo Bunny Double Dots Vintage Pink Punch and Cotton Candy
Bo Bunny Sweet Moments
Mouse Collage images came from Digital Antiques (Etsy)
Acrylic paint
Silk Flowers
Green silky ribbon

For the supplies I used on the Mice Like Candy set #1, click HERE