Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There once was a girl who wanted an adventure.......

She sailed away with her maps and her charts.

Collecting specimens and keepsakes along the way......

Including one or two (hidden) treasures and an empty bottle of the best Caribbean rum to remind herself never to dance with pirates again!

She returned home with lots of stories, put them all in a book and became a famous author. Under a nom de plume, of course!

Join in the fun over at Alpha Stamps and play with the Vintage Voyage Kit....there's still time!
April 2014 Kit - Vintage Voyage 
Nouveau Exposition Collage Sheet 
Fourth of July Collage Sheet 
Shell Postcards Collage Sheet 
Travel Album Covers Collage Sheet 
Maritime Poisson Scrapbook Paper 
Maritime Boussole Scrapbook Paper 
Maritime Coquille Scrapbook Paper 
Maritime Sirene Scrapbook Paper 
Maritime Voilier Scrapbook Paper 
Maritime Ancre Scrapbook Paper 
Brass Ship Wheel 
Seashells in Plastic Tins
Small Brass Starfish 
ATC Book Box 
Glass bottle Similar to the Chunky Little Bottle 
Treasure Chest similar to this one: Mini Treasure Chest Charm
Brass Anchor Charm
Brilliance Ink Pad - Galaxy Gold
4mm Fused Pearls
Domed Apothecary Bottle


Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Mode in French Fashion Shadowbox and Copic Marker Tutorial

A shadowbox I made for the Folks at Alpha Stamps along with a wee (only 17 minutes long...geez) tutorial on techniques and tips for using Copic Markers.
The shadowbox was fun to make, but I loved making the video. I'm still a rookie, but practice makes perfect....or as close as I can get!

Supplies list:
White Seam Binding
Gold Mini Rosette Dresden Borders
The Mode in French Fashion Collage Sheet
Various Copic Markers
Botanical Tea 'Fauna' Paper
'Botanical Tea' Scrapbook Paper
Brilliance Permanent Ink-Galaxy Gold
Brilliance Permanent Ink- Pearlescent Olive
Prima Paintables

9x9 2inch deep frame

Hope you find some useful tips and enjoy the video below!

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Altered Altoid Tin Video

Hello all! I recently posted an instructional video on you tube. It's the second half of my Graphic 45 audition (fingers crossed) and the first video I've ever done.
This is a big deal, people!

Some of you may know this about me: I'm a bit of a technological klutz and I panic when I have to learn something new. I whine and wring my hands and drive MacGyver crazy.
I'm always convinced it's going to be a traumatic experience.  I'll anticipate spending hours struggling with jargon I don't understand, suddenly black computer screens, pulling my hair out in frustration and driving MacGyver crazy.
I know, I already said that, but it bears saying again, because I do and he puts up with it/me magnificently.

There is always some glitch, some small thing that throws me off whilst learning new technology. Like when I couldn't figure out how to turn on my Kindle.
Or the time I accidentally reprogrammed our house phones whilst calling my sister. (Susan, I never told you that one....I can imagine your snort of laughter and that is enough for me!)
And there was the time I (accidentally) made all my e-mails disappear.
Or the time I dropped my phone in the....well, that doesn't really count here. That was an accident.

The klutziness extends to things that have a cord or a wire or any kind of attachment that remotely resembles a cord and has any kind of plug attached to it.
Let me state it this way: if I fell off of a twenty story building and there was a cord or wire anywhere near me, it would save my life because nine times out of ten, it would be wrapped around my ankle.

MacGyver has thoughtfully provided me with technological items that are cord-free as much as possible. I suspect mainly for the purpose of avoiding situations where he has to untangle me, replace the dreaded cord and listen to me curse creatively for some time after the 'tangling' incident occurs.
He lives in hope that some day there will be a vaccuum cleaner that is cord-free.

All this to say: I made a video that did not stress me out, cause a town-wide black out or make my poor husband go screaming from the room.
It was so easy, went off without a single glitch.
I'm deeply suspicious.
I keep checking it, making sure it's still there, has not been replaced by a troupe of evil circus clowns or someone reciting bad poetry.
So I'm going to post it here, where it's safely cradled in my little cyber home.
I've never imbedded a video before, so if you don't hear from me for some time, I've probably transported myself to another planet.
Hopefully,  a cordless one.