Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Quartet of house Ornaments

As I continue to indulge my obsession for houses, here is a set of four wee houses with lots of personality. Made from the Simple House Ornaments, these sturdy little things are one of my favorite items on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts site. They are made from HEAVY chipboard and you can do just about anything with them.
Like this, for example:
They come in sets of two, so you will need two sets for a little street like this one, or make as many as you like and give them as individual gifts.
You can let your imagination go wild and make each one different or stick to a theme or color.
The sky is the limit......
I began here.
I cut my chosen papers, glued them on to the houses, front and back and then inked the edges with Brilliance Rocket Red Gold.
 I shingled the house roof below with Pointed Shingles Half Scale. There is a quick tutorial on how I do shingles HERE.
I painted a few of the windows from the House Ornament Window Trims black.
After playing around with where I wanted windows on a couple of the houses, I decided it would be fun to have some images of the outdoors inside of the house. These tiny images below are from one little scrap of collage sheet I found in my box of scraps I keep all the tiny paper bits I don't discard.
I cut the image in thirds and glued them to the back of each little tiny window. I glued the windows on a piece of black-painted scrap chipboard edged in Rocket Red Gold and attached the whole thing to the house.
After it dried, I trimmed it all around with black zig-zag Dresden trim. (you can get it HERE)
I also found the eye in my scrap box and zipped it up color-wise with a little copic marker and glued it the same way as I did the tiny window images. The Frame around the eye is from the Miniature Bookplates Shape Set.

I worked on the key images for each house and had those all glued on before I added the extras like more Dresden trim, brass findings and little white dots. The brass bee sits on another scrap of chipboard I saved from the Bookplates Set.
For the image below, I used scraps again and literally tore the edges off of them to create the three layers of hills and a tree to give my floating lady a soft place to land. I outlined each of the pieces on their top edges after I glued them on the house.
I used foam tape to attach the tiny, tiny little lady to the house (after careful consideration about her placement.
I wrapped some black thread around a brass hand finding, careful to leave some extra length, glued it in place from the back and attached the hand to the house. after it dried in place, I glued the thread to the my lady's hand and trimmed off the extra with a small sharp pair of scissors.
I added lots of dots to everything as the last detail in every piece.
I like to use either white acrylic paint or a Sharpie white poster paint marker for dots.

I also used the white Sharpie to draw the spokes on the bicycle wheels in the picture below.

A cute way to display the houses if you don't want to hang them is with the ATC Stand.

Thank you for stopping by!

Simple House Ornaments
Pointed Shingles Half Scale
House Ornament Window Trims
Miniature Bookplates Shape Set
ATC Stand

Additional Supplies:
Dresden Trim
Sharpie White Poster Paint Marker (don't get the oil paint one....you'll be waiting forever
for it to dry)
Various brass findings
Scrap images saved from collage sheets
Papers used on the houses from: Graphic 45, We R Memory Keepers, Basic Grey and MME.
Silk flower
Dresden Trim, clock and some cool brass findings you can get from Alpha Stamps

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The House has Eyes.....

Ever notice that some houses seem to have an extra something? How often times one can walk into a house and feel the age it has, the personality it has developed over years of inhabitants, events, lives passing through it? Who loved it and who never noticed it was present?
I love imagining what stories a house holds, what shaped it over the years.
I made this House Room Box with 4 Cubbies with that thought in mind.
Back view....
I started with the House Room Box with 4 Cubbies.
 I cut the intereior paper for the back, remembering to cut out the slots!
I painted the the rest of the interior black and glued the pieces in, starting with the inside, center 'shelves' and then the exterior walls.
 After everything dried, I papered the outside of the box and began to glue the shingles on.
I used the Chipboard Shingles-Pointed and worked my way from the bottom to the top.
It took 12 pieces to cover one side - 6 bits with four points and six with five points. I cut them using a sharp pair of scissors. Centering the fist piece with four points and using that as a measurement for trimming the long (five points) after the glue dries.
One side completed and ready to trim.
To trim the shingles, I flipped the house upside down and using a sharp pair of scissors I cut along the edge of the short row of shingles (the four point). It gives you a bit of eaves.
I have tried using a sharp craft knife, but scissors seemed to work best for me.
I painted the roof black and added some Dresden Trim detail.....
I added more Dresden trim on the back and these great silhouettes from the Black Creepy Critters Set (coming soon)
I also painted a wooden candles stick holder black and glued it on the bottom of the house and added more trims for extra details, melted some white birthday candles and glued them on brass findings and stuck them in the house.
after that, it was me just adding lots of little things I have made or collected.
I used Graphic 45 scrapbook papers from the 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe' collection, including the great pair of eyes with the spectacles.
Little stamped brass flowers were added to the places were I didn't want raw trim edges showing. A book I made with a polymer clay cover was placed in the lower right cubby along with some fun bits and pieces including a polymer clay pumpkin. Fun!
House Room Box with 4 Cubbies
Chipboard Shingles-Pointed
Black Creepy Critters Set (coming soon)

Additional supplies
Candlestick Holder (you can get HERE)
Dresden Trim (HERE)
Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Scrapbook Paper
Various brass findings and wee objects
Birthday Candles
Black acrylic paint
polymer clay

Thank you for stopping by!