Sunday, March 29, 2015

Odd and Flora

Two altered art dolls inspired by Mary Jane Chadbourne's work. Her workshop is really fun and you can get the DVD tutorial HERE.
This was my first foray into the word of big saws and power tools.
I have always been very nervous around moving blades, but MacGyver gave me some good lessons on how to use the saws safely and now that I am over my timidity, I am loving what I can do with wood!
So many more doors have opened for me. Learning something new always inspires me, ideas flow and my heart is so happy.
I think this is the beginning of something wonderful!

I made templates of all the components, drew the skirts and the heads on my scrap wood (MacGyver has a ton of wooden bits and pieces that I root through for parts) and used the band saw to cut them out. I used a belt sander to refine the shapes.
Wings, collars and arms are cut from templates. The face I used is a drawing I did....I scanned it into Illustrator and played with the shape of the face until it fit my wooden heads.
I made a collage sheet of the face in various sizes so all I have to do later is print out the sheet when I need more faces.
The legs and  neck are quarter inch dowel rod and the bases are from the craft store.

The flowers are raw brass stampings that I enameled with nail polish. I drilled holes in the top of the head and glued in the beads I wired up.
I used a drill press and drilled a hole in the bottom of the head (where the neck goes), the top of the dress (for the neck), two holes in the bottom of each dress and two holes in each base where the legs go.
I should add-  after I covered the dolls in papers but before I put any embellishments on the dolls, I put two coats of matte medium on them, back, front and sides, then added my beads and dimensional fabric paint etc...

I added micro beads and little seed pods that look like pumpkins to the base of this girl and an enameled flower to the base of Flora. I made tentacles from polymer clay and made a little shopping bag out of a jewelry box cut to size.
(The picture below was taken before I added the beads and the seed pods)

These little girls were a lot of fun to make. And now that I can play safely with power tools, the skies the limit!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Disastrous Tea Party...or What Really Happened to Marie Antoinette

Alpha Stamps has been having fun with the theme "Marie Takes Tea" this month with lots of food and frills. There is something about playing with tiny things that is so appealing!
Those teeny little cakes and trays of sweets are adorable.
I made up a little story to go with all those tiny things, but I'm afraid poor Marie doesn't fair very well..........

The title medallion is from the digital French Labels Collage Sheet. I put it in Illustrator and scaled it up to the size I needed for the front of my box, printed a fancy typeface for the title and hand-colored the piece with copic markers.
I did the same thing for the inside story medallion.

There was a lavish spread of delicious food.

And quite a glittering crowd emerged to partake of the festivities!

They really enjoyed themselves.....

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Oh, Marie, Marie.
You always were a little light in the brains department!

Click HERE for links to all the fun supplies!

Supplies List:
Bo Bunny Vintage Double Dot Paper (both sides) in
Passion Fruit, Pink Punch and Shadow.

Marie Takes Tea Collage Sheet
French Ballet Costumes Collage Sheet
French Labels Collage Sheet

8x8 Heavy Chipboard (for the table tops)
Wooden Finial Chess Pawn (the top piece x 3)
Thin Loop Dresden Trim in White (from the White Dresden Border Sampler Set)
Mini Rose Buds-Pale Pink
Diamond Stickles
Mini Strawberry Cake
Mini Heart Tart Cake
Alice Pink Eat Me Cookie
27mm Resin Tea Party Heart Doilies (green)
Ceramic Cupcake Bead
Beads from kit (scattered around the tea table and used to embellish the tags a bit)
Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad-Galaxy Gold
Vintage Photo Distress Ink

White Paint
Brass Bead (used for vase of rose buds)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Tin of the Month Club...March

I'm so ready for spring! I was just listening to Joni Mitchell sing 'Just a Little Green' and that is what inspired me to make this wee tin for March.
Just want a little green.....

I'm looking forward to nesty little birds and the dawn chorus. And fresh green buds and the smell of spring. It can't come too soon!

My buddy rackycoo is playing with tins over at her blog Junk&Stuff and you can see her March offering HERE.

My January and February tins are HERE.