Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Moving Day

Hello all, Lora here for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts with a little guy who after living in a busy village has decided to move his little house into a nice quiet, peaceful forest.
 He's got all the necessities - books, butterflies and a bottle of fizzy lemonade. What more could a person want?!
I started with Tiny Little Shadowbox House 4 
I love these little shadowbox houses-there are four different sizes and they are great separately or all together in a little wee neighborhood.
I glued my house up and bent up some fourteen gauge wire that will become the connection between the house and the 'ground'. I chose this wire because it was sturdy and bent well.
I knew I was going to use a propeller, and Hey presto! Gina just happens to have one......or twelve! (Propellers)
I chose one that was a good fit scale-wise for my house and painted it black, along with
Chipboard Shingles - Pointed
 And Tudor Rose Singles
I set them all aside to dry.
I found an old paint brush whose handle fit through the hole of the propeller and drilled a hole to fit into the top of my house. I painted the propeller black as well.
I covered the house inside and out with the papers I cut (and also painted the inside of the house a buff color so it reflected a bit of light)
After all was dry, I glued the house and wire together and then used linen hinging tape to help strengthen the bond.
I covered the hinging tape with an image that went well with the papers I used. (used Graphic 45 Old Curiosity Shoppe)
And let it dry. This takes a few hours.
Whilst that was drying, I cut out all of the things I wanted to put inside the house.
I used foam tape to stick everything in and give stuff some dimension. I added the propeller and shingled the house.

I also cut up the smallest Tudor Rose Singles and glued a piece to the gable of the house and the rest to the roof around the propeller. You can see the detail below...

At this point, I realized that in order to complete the base I had in mind I would need to straighten the ring of wire I made, which I did.
I drilled a hole in the center of an Artist Trading Coin,
stuck the wire through the hole and re-bent the ring.
And with a lot of glue, I sandwiched the ring between the top coin and a second coin (both of which I had papered with neutral green paper)
and clamped it together.
After everything was dry, I glued some cute green crocheted ribbon around the edge of the base and glued moss and little bottle brush trees on the top of the base.
I added some little touches like the buff and black paint dots and butterflies....

And here he is flying over the forest scouting for a good place to land!
Thank you for stopping by!
Tiny Little Shadowbox House 4 
Chipboard Shingles - Pointed
Tudor Rose Singles
Artist Trading Coins

Graphic45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Scrapbook Papers
Acrylic paint
Old paint brush stem
Bottle brush trees


Connie said...

I adore this! So clever.

Artifice said...

You are so creative! Love this piece. Linda