Saturday, April 20, 2019

We're All Mad Here.......

Hello all! Lora here, just hanging around making stuff for Alpha Stamps today.
The theme for April is Alice and all that Wonderland brings to mind.
I decided to go with an Alice Altoid tin shrine this go 'round. I really like the red, black and white theme - very eye catching!
And the back....
Here's where I began:
I started with an Altoid tin. Notice the little hinges holding the lid on?
Using a pair of pliers, I pulled the hinge out straight so I could take the lid off.
After removing the lid,  I snipped off the hinge as close the edge of the tin as possible. Flush cutters work well for this.
I sanded the sharp edges down (make sure you use a sanding block or fold your sandpaper over a couple of times, you don't want to cut yourself!) I also sanded the tin and the lid to rough up the surface. It makes it a lot easier to glue paper down when there is more tooth to the surface.
Next, I cut my papers using the tin and lid for templates and trimming carefully to fit each surface.
You will need a piece for the inside back of the tin, the backside of the tin and one piece for the top of the tin lid and one for the outer edge of the tin sides.
I painted my insert and the Altoids Topper black and also painted the sides of the inside of the tin as well, making sure I got into the edges.
I cut out my images from my collage sheets as well.
I glued my papers on the tin and then I glued little corks on the back of my Alice to bring her forward in the tin, and did the same for a couple of the paper roses so that they were at different depths inside the tin. The corks work out well as they are light weight and tapered and easy to work with.
I used a pair of tweezers to position Alice and the roses inside the tin. Dry fitting them first and gluing them in when I was happy with the arrangement.
I added Dresden Trim to the outside edge of the tin, then glued the insert on to the top edge of the tin. after that dried, I glued on the Altoids Topper to the top and let it dry.
After it dried, I added white dots (using white acrylic paint and a brush) to the insert as it needed some detail and glued a red paper rose to the top center of the Altoids Topper.
I also trimmed out the edge of the topper with some Black Diamond Stickles.
Because glitter.
I glued the 'We're All Mad Here' banner on the bottom of the tin and set it aside to dry.
Oh, and I wanted to put something odd in her hand and I thought this little five of hearts dude was just the right size and I loved his expression. Kind of WTH?!!

I glued my last piece of paper on the tin lid and let that dry.
I added the same Dresden Trim (called Baroque Dresden Borders - Black) around the outside edge and then some snazzy mini red pompom fringe.
When all was dry, I attached a white painted finial to the bottom of the tin, glued that down to the center of the tin lid and added a couple of paper roses.
Last but not least, I added an image to the back and signed the piece.
Thank you for visiting!
For a link to all the awesome supplies used on this project AND the Bonus Project below, click HERE

Altoid Tin,  We're All Mad Here Collage Sheet, Alice Covers Collage Sheet (tiny little card man), Altoid Inserts Vignette (oval), Altoids Topper 2, 1/2 Inch Red Paper Roses, Tiny Paper Roses (red and white), Baroque Dresden Borders - Black, Black and Ivory Diamonds Scrapbook Paper, Black Diamond Stickles

Alices Little Deck of Cards in an Adorable Wee Box!!
It's so tiny and cute!
 Itty bitty cards.

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