Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We've come a long way.......part one.

My studio is pretty much finished with the exception of a few minor details and I'm moved in! So very happy in this beautiful, creative space and I want to thank my uber wonderful husband who has mad skills, fortitude and tons of patience. And our fabulous contractor Ron, who breathed fresh life and confidence into what was once an overwhelming and discouraging project. Ron, we can't thank you enough! You got us back on track and made us feel that we could do this. Your hard work, creativity and masterful carpentry took this space over the top and the big bonus is we count you as a friend. Thank you, Thank you.
A few before and after pictures.
This is the north (ish) facing wall looking into the back garden and our woods.

This was taken standing with my back to the north (ish) wall facing the the other side of the studio and the stairway leading to the upstairs hall.

 Standing in the doorway of the studio looking at the basement hallway.
I was not kidding when I said this is my happy space. Somebody pinch me!
I'll post more shots soon with some details and explanations of some of the things that make this space personal and special.
Thank you for coming by, it means a lot to me!


Jennie said...

It came out beautifully! Can't wait to hear all the details about it. :)

Ian's Girl said...

Oh my goodness, what a dream-room! It looks amazing! Well done, everyone!

Jackie PN said...

wow wow and holy WOW! What an amazing transformation!! Lucky lucky you!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more! TFS