Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cupid Matchmaking Vampires?.......It must be Opera.

One of the things I love about opera is this; there is no story too outrageous, no plot too complicated, no hero or heroine too ridiculous for an opera.
Nothing that is over-the-top nutso is too much for opera.
Costumes, acting, sets. All are lavishness on steroids.
And I call that fabulous.
Not to mention the music can be dramatic, tender, heart wrenching, sublime, understand what I mean if you love opera.
In this little piece I am poking a bit of fun at one of my favorite forms of theater.
But hey, I have actually seen crazy-er real live opera, (how about "Orpheus in the Underworld"  and the underwear factory scene) though technically an operetta, it serves as a fine example of completely outrageous silliness.
Here's to love triangles, giant egos and outrageous silliness!

Most of the supplies (all the fantastic ones) are from the super Alpha Stamps and for a complete list of supplies for this project click HERE.
I began with the Window Shadowbox for Punch and Judy Facades and the Shadowbox Riser for the Arch Top Theatre Facade.
After I assembled and glued the separate pieces, I cut the backdrop paper for the stage and I then glued both the pieces together.
The 'floor' of the stage was a bit too low for my purposes, so I added a lift by gluing up a couple pieces of scrap chipboard and then painted it white and aged it up with a little gold stamp ink. I glued it into the shadowbox.
I chose the Marionette Theatre Collage Sheet as the front of my stage and juiced up the color a bit with some colored pencils and Copic markers.
I punched up the color on the curtains and the pediment I added as well.
I also wanted the stage floor to extend out a little past the curtains, so I built a little extension by folding a narrow piece of flexible cardboard (just a scrap piece from the extensive pile-o-kaka that I don't throw away) the length of the stage and painting the underside black and the top white with gold inking.
At this point, I decided to change the paper inside the stage to Double Dot Vintage Shadow (the floral side) and added a little heart and coffin stage decor. I cut the heart from the flip side of the Shadow paper and the tiny coffin I made using a graph paper drawing as a template.
And a lot of patience trying to figure out the angles.
Geometry is not a strong point of mine.
I glued the heart coffin thingy to the back of the stage. I glued the stage extension to the facade and added all the Fancy Scalloped Gold Dresden Borders, the curtains and the pediment.
I played some music and swept the floor whilst waiting for glue to dry...........
I then glued the whole facade on to the shadowbox and started adding detail!
Like Stickles Black Diamond Glitter!
And Black Mini Paper Roses!
And...and..more glitter.
and, oh yeah...people!
And fangs for everybody! Hurrah!
And fun little talking bubbles. These talking bubbles and the 'Theatre Des Vampyres' sign I made on illustrator and printed out on card stock, then glued in place.
I painted a candlestick stand and a wooden disk, glued the candlestick stand on the disk upside down and added Dresden trim and Black Diamond Stickles, then glued it to the bottom of the shadowbox making sure it was centered.
Holding on to the dry stand, I then painted the entire back side of the piece black and voila!
Vampire Opera.
It's a good thing.

Again for a link to the wonderful Alpha Stamps
supply list, click HERE

Window Shadowbox For Punch & Judy Facade
Shadowbox Riser for Arch Top Theatre Facade
Arch Top Theatre Facade
Marionette Theatre Collage Sheet
Theatre Maecanique Collage Sheet
Pink Children's Theatre Collage Sheet (butterfly fairy)
Mini French Ballet Costumes Collage Sheet
Gatefold Square Shrine Curtains Collage Sheet
Double Dot Vintage Shadow Scrapbook Paper
Tiny Paper Roses-Red
Black Mini Paper Blooms
Stickles-Black Diamond
Fancy Scalloped Gold Dresden Borders
Candlestick Holder (turned upside down)


Black Acrylic Paint
Wooden Disk (underneath the Candlestick Holder)
Colored Pencils
Copic Markers
White Poster Paint Marker-Fine (fangs)

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Artifice said...

Oh, what a fun piece! You are so imaginative. Thank you for sharing all your details. Linda

Connie said...

You have the most creative mind! This is awesome.

Tristan Robin said...

This is utterly adorable - extravagant and beautiful - and so damned funny!

I posted a photo of it on my Facebook page and a link back to your blog. I realize as I type this I should have asked first. My bad. If you would like me to delete it, just let me know!

But, it's just marvelous!

Artfully Musing said...

Love this and your sense of humor!