Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Queen or Girl Next Door?

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Just a glance at this little box and you might think you're looking at a pretty young woman in cute wintery clothing. And that is partly correct. But she's also got a lot of swirling snow around her and is floating a few inches off the ground. Hmmmm.......
More here than meets the eye. More power and strength than what one might see at first glance. Maybe the Girl Next Door really is a manifestation of the Snow Queen? Don't  be deceived by delicacy and a pretty face. She might not Hulk out if you piss her off, but she may have a whole blizzard waiting for those pretty little gloved hands to give the signal and let it rip.
I wonder how many other women out there are snow queens or baba yagas or great warriors in cute purple skirts and stripey scarves?
It wouldn't be prudent to underestimate what you see everyday.
No, sir, not at all.
Just a thought.
I started out with the Shadowbox Lid-Taj Mahal and the 4x6 Shadowbox.(which I forgot to take a picture of)
I used the lid as a template and traced out the paper that would be glued on to the top.
After gluing the shadow box lid, I painted a coat of gesso on the shadowbox and the shadowbox lid in the places where the pieces would not be covered with paper. I then gave it all a coat of white paint.
I also painted the Snowflake Border and the Chipboard Snowflake Shape Set white and messed around with some Copic markers and a few colored pencils to deepen the colors of my ladies outfit.
And while I was about it, I glued the fronts piece paper on and piped all the edges with Stickles Diamond, including the inside edges.
Because glitter.
You can see in better detail on the picture below, where I glittered the edges of the shadowbox and deepened the color on her outfit. She got some glitter as well.
I decided on reflection (of about ten seconds) that I need to glitter all my snowflakes, so I did that. I also glued in the background collage image, but I did not glue it flush to the back of the shadowbox. I felt it was a little too deep for my purposes, so I pulled it forward about half an inch using a couple of layers of foam backed poster board.
Using the same poster board, I glued my girl in, putting her into the foreground and then used tweezers to place all my snowflakes about mid range inside the shadowbox.
I used a Sharpie Poster Paint Marker to put little snowy dots on the inside and outside of the shadowbox. I cut the Snowflake Border up and used part of it at the top of the shadowbox. (I like it up looks a lot like a crown) And glued the larger piece on the bottom of the box.
I added some scrolly Waterfall Stickles at the base of the crown and little dots of it on the bottom border and the snowflake behind her head.
Try and do that one before you glue it in place. Ahem.
A few extra dot of glitter here and there to look like snowflakes glittering in the light and that's my Snow Queen/Girl Next Door.
A pretty straightforward project and very satisfying to make!
For a link to all the supplies from the amazeballs Alpha Stamps, click HERE!

Shadowbox Lid - Taj Mahal
Chipboard Snowflake Shape Set
Snowflake Border
White Glitter Snowflake Embellishments
White 7/8 inch Satin Ribbon
Diamond Stickles
Waterfall Stickles
Snowy Winter Ladies Collage Sheet
Scrapbook Paper (on the front of the piece) is from Bo Bunny  6x6 Winter Wishes Pad

Snowflake Shape Set Mini (GSLCuts)
White acrylic paint
Colored pencils and a few Copic markers
Thank you for coming by!


Laura Carson said...

Love this!

Michele said...

a marvelous creation and a wonderful tutorial! xo