Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pretty 1:12 Scale Bed

Ooh, I love working in the classic doll house scale of 1:12! For those who aren't familiar with 1:12 scale, the explanation is that every foot of measurement equals an inch. So if your sofa in real life is eight feet long, it will be eight inches long in a dolls house.
Here is the latest edition to my ongoing dolls house project. A pretty little bed, fit for well, just about anyone who likes pretty little beds!
And a picture without the mattress...
I started out with the Standard Bed 1 to 12 .
I glued the Filigree to the head and foot board of the bed, being mindful that the filigree goes on the inside of the head board and the outside of the foot board. I also glued some legs on to give the bed a bit more height. (just used some scrap chipboard to do this)
I gave everything a good coat of white paint and dry fit it together.
After making sure everything fit together well, I took it apart and painted the filigree green using a bit of paper towel to lightly dab the paint on. A sponge would work well, too.
 After the green paint dried, I glues the bed together and used a rubber band to hold it firmly in place whilst it dried.
I also glued the bed skirt ( a bit of lace from my stash) onto the inside of the bed railing.
After everything dried, I added the detail to the head board and foot board by piping Liquid Pearls on the filigree and let the scrolly design influence where I applied the paint.
Dimensional fabric paint also works well here.
I extended the detail on to the smooth parts of the head boards as well and also the side slats. I think it looks more finished this way.
This bed also come is half scale, which is half inch to the foot. This was so much fun, I may make the smaller one as well! Thank you for stopping by!
Standard Bed 1 to 12
Chevron scrolly thing (will edit)

White paint
Green paint
Liquid Pearls
Scrap lace

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Connie said...

I love this to pieces! It looks like so much fun to decorate, too.