Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fairy Tale Trio

A trio of lovely fairy tale ladies to brighten your day. Or not.
The interesting thing about these ladies is that all the images are a bit ambiguous.

Lets take the one called 'The Fairest'. She's beautiful, but does she really look like a nice person?
And what about 'Poison Apple'? Is she about to bite into that apple or give it to some unsuspecting princess?
Hmmmm. The Queen has a rather pleasant face. She may not be evil. Who can tell?
There is always more than one way to tell a story.
I'll let you create your own!

I started out with three of the Blank Altoid Tins without the lids and used the Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Insert Set to create the outer frames around each tin. I painted the frames with pearlescent paints for richness and set them aside to apply after the background were in.
All the tins are covered on the outside with a dark, neutral paper. I used an old G45 Botanicabella paper called Secret Garden, but you can use anything you choose.
The backgrounds inside the tins are wonderful collage paper backgrounds from Alpha Stamps and are as follows;
Poison Apple is Forest Theatre Backdrops Collage Sheet
The Queen is Parrish Castles Collage Sheet
The Fairest is Grimm Covers #3 Collage Sheet
All the ladies are from the Fair Rosamund Collage Sheet
I used the little 7mm Round Red Cabochons as embellishments on Poison Apple.
The filigree pieces I used as the centers of the stamped brass flowers are the 20mm Antique Gold Filigree (for Poison and The Queen) and the Antique Gold Square Filigree for The Fairest.

All the ladies got a few sparklies in the way of some Swarocski flat back crystals and some Diamond Stickles.
And there was a liberal use of  Liquid Pearls from the Liquid Pearls-Neutral Colors Set in gold and white opal.
All the ladies were also put on pedestals (of course!) And I used the Medium Wooden Finial
painted with the appropriate pearl colors for each lady.

For a link to all the supplies used, click HERE.

Black Altoid Tins
Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Inserts
Collage Sheets:
Forest Theatre Backdrops
Parrish Castles
Grimm Covers #3
Fair Rosamund

7mm Round Red Cabochons
20mm Antique Gold Filigree
Antique Gold Square Filigree
Diamond Stickles
Liquid Pearls Neutral Colors Set (Gold and White Opal)
Liquid Pearls-Summer Colors Set ( Hydrangea and Key Lime)
Medium Wooden Finial

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