Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Checking the lists.........

I don't know about you, but I always feel a little overwhelmed during the holidays without a list. My problem is I'm always losing the dang things! Hello everyone! Lora here to show you an awesome way to keep track of the lists you make for the holidays.
It's called a Memo Board and you can get the easy-to-put-together kit at the wonderland called Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!

Here's what I did...........

First off, I gave everything a good coat of gesso. Sigh......I love gesso. In this case, I love gesso because it's a great surface coat on chip board for decoupage. It makes things stick a lot better to just about any surface. So a good coat of gesso first. It doesn't have to be heavy or thick, just thorough.

After the gesso dried, I started sticking the papers down. I chose a couple of older papers mainly because they play well together and I was wanting a very cheerful green. So Bo Bunny Vintage Dot in Wasabi is the background paper and the other two are from Graphic 45's 8x8 pad 'The Night Before Christmas'. I also painted all the trim pieces and the shelf white.

After the Vintage Dot dried, I applied the second paper, which will become a second background layer and a frame for what goes on top. By the way, the Vintage Dot was cut to 9x91/4 inches and after it dried, I cut the fitting holes out with an xacto. The G45 paper (called Happy Holly-Day) I cut to 8x7.
When the Happy Holly-Day paper dried, I started applying Dresden Trim.

I cut a piece of chipboard and the third piece of paper to 7x2 1/2 inches and glued the paper to the chipboard.

After it dried, I applied gold Dresden trim to the underside of the chipboard.

On Illustrator, I wrote and printed the 'Making a list, checking it twice.....' text, cut it out and glued it to the chipboard strip. After drying, I added the last of the Dresden trim and then glued the strip to the Memo Board, being mindful of spacing and position. I apologize for not taking a picture of this stage.....I was all in my creative groove and chugging along like a little Christmas choo-choo and plain forgot.

Next I gessoed and painted white snowflakes.

This is messy and can be finicky as you want to get the whole snowflake covered, even the thin, thin sides or they show up dark. I use a cheap, firm brush, fill it with gesso and sort of scrabble it around until the whole thing is completely covered, then brush the excess paint off making sure all the little holes and details are clear and open and there is no paint plugging up the delicate details. I do this on plastic and let the snowflakes dry on it because they don't stick when they dry.
Set them aside.

 I cut out three little clocks from another bit of G45 paper, put holes in the center and placed them where I wanted them on top of the chipboard strip. With a pencil, I marked the center of each one onto the board and using an awl, gently pierced the chipboard just enough to get a hole started. Don't poke the awl (or whatever you're using) all the way through....just enough to get a hole started.
Glue the clocks (you can use whatever you choose here, I just got a giggle out of using the clocks since I'm always running out of time!) down making sure the holes in the clock are directly over the center mark and your starter hole.

You can see in the picture above that the clock hole is place over the starter hole. Putting a little bit of glue on the shaft of an eye screw, screw that puppy into the pre-made hole until it's secure. I tried hard not to pierce the Memo Board out the back. The two layers of thick chipboard will be jst about as thick as the eye screw if you use the tiny ones.

Screw in all three eye screws and add little clips. (you can get the little clips at just about any craft store) Start gluing on snowflakes where you think they look pretty, glue in the shelf and trim and let it dry and then it's glitter time!

I added glitter to all of the snowflakes. Then I decided that the white painted trim wasn't glam enough, so I painted a coat of pearlescent white on all the white bits, let it dry and added more glitter.

I also added some Swarovski flat back crystals because if some is good, more is better!

Memo Board
Snowflake Shape Set

Additional Supplies
Eye Screws
Dresden Trims
Bo Bunny Vintage Dot-Wasabi
G45  8x8 paper pad 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'
White acrylic paint
Lumiere Pearlescent White Paint
Swarovski flat back crystals

Thank you for stopping in!

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Felicity Dark said...

I love your creations!!! Especially the Baba Yaga match house, I am trying to make a bigger one, the size of a playhouse for a street theatre show, I love the folklore around Gingerbread houses, forest witches/goddess & unwary/stupid/kind/clever children.