Sunday, September 21, 2014

Christmas in September

I've been in heavy duty Halloween mode for a while now, but I took a break from witches and pumpkins and focused on Christmas ornaments.
My sister Susan over at Killam Creative and I are in a swap together on Craftster called Invite Your Partner. She mentioned she loved my Christmas ornaments made from 2x2 blocks of wood and wondered if I could make them smaller for a little tree.
Well, yes, indeedy!

I made her twelve 1x1 inch blocks, plus two 1/2 inch blocks, (because why not?) a cute Merry Christmas banner,

added in some tiny red seed pearl and gold ball garland and put it all in a salvaged old cigar box that I tarted up with Santas, sparkles and red and green paper.

I loved making this for my sister!


massofhair said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL keepsake, lots of interest and dangly bits. Am very impressed with your box ArT:-) xxx

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

I will treasure this kit and put it up every year. It's hard to resist doing it now, but it might not blend so well with the Halloween decorations I have out. It will be a lesson in patience!

Thank you so much!

Jeanne Kelly said...

Your ornaments are stunning with beautiful detail. Your sister is very lucky!?,