Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A little silver spool


I made this little silver spool ornament for a Craftster buddy of mine (Knickertwist!)  I'm in a swap with.
For some reason, I lost a whole paragraph here...I said lots of nice things about Knickers...all true (funny lady, wicked good imagination, generous spirit and more) but I'll sum up and say I really wanted to do something special for her, mainly because she's an awesome human, but also because she participates in Art Abandonment, which is very special to me. If I'd been able to sneak up to her doorstep and leave the spool there, that would have been very apropos.
You can learn about Art Abandonment HERE

Knickertwist's website is called Pixie Hill and you can see her magical work there and on her blog Here.

Just FYI, this piece is made from PMC3 (precious metal clay) which is fine pure silver particles, binders and water. You can treat it like clay, roll it flat, stamp on it, make tiny things and attach them to other things... in a trazillion combinations.
It dries to leather hard and is then fired in a kiln at about 1200 degrees. The binders and water burn away and what you have left is the pure silver.
It's magic every time I open the kiln.
This was my first attempt at a hollow form bead. It was a lovely, enjoyable experiment and I want to make a lot more!


Connie said...

Knickers is a lucky duck!

steffi said...

Hi - I followed Pixie Hill's linj here 'cos I thought this was so wonderful - have signed up to follow :-)

Nichola said...

Yay! Thrilled to be the recipient AND what lovely things you've said. I love you right back, lady :)

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

So pretty. Found you through Pixie Hill on Facebook. Love your work.

Artifice said...

Gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing.