Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The House of Underwear

Welcome to The House of Underwear! You need a foundation garment, The House of Underwear has got it! Need support hose? Something for a hot date at the library?  The House of Underwear has what you need. And no more hot dressing rooms and mirrors that make your derriere look too big. You don't have to try anything on...the ladies at the House of Underwear do it for you!
That's what I call good old fashioned customer service.

Just a little something with fancy French undies I made for Alpha Stamps. :-)

Ooh, the ladies are peering out the window......I wonder what caught their eye?
A slip showing underneath a hem line?
A sagging stocking?
Did someone pass out from wearing a damn corset?!!

Or maybe it's a handsome window cleaner.
Or a cute pair of shoes.
It's the guy delivering the coffee and chocolate croissants.
Wow, the mademoiselle in the center window really wants to be in the middle of everything.
She must like those red petty pants a lot.
Or she really needs a cup of coffee.

C'est la vie.

Supplies List:
12 x 12 Die-cut Chipboard 
Vintage Lingerie Collage Sheet

ATC Window
Large Fleur-de-lis Charm
White Dresden Border Sampler Set
Brilliance Pigment Ink Pad-Galaxy Gold
Glamour and Grunge Scrapbook Paper-Nature Study
Glamour and Grunge Scrapbook Paper-The Old World
Double Dot Decaf Scrapbook Paper
Room with a View Collage Sheet
Liquid Pearls White Opal
1/2 Inch Paper Roses
(in various colors)
Various Copic Sketch Markers from the
Pale Pastels
Floral Favorites-2

Additional Supplies:
Small craft Jewelry Boxes
White Acrylic paint

Mini Tutorial on making window boxes below......

To make the wee window boxes, I started with a small craft jewelry box just large enough so that the lid of the box fits over the window, which is ATC size.

Turning the box on it's side, measure to how far you want your window boxes to stick out. I have this little ruler that is pretty skinny and used that to measure with. About 1/2 inch is what you'll need.

Cut the sides of the box first, then lay the box flat. Using a straight edge, cut the body of the box. Or you can draw a guideline and use a pair of scissors.

Paint your window box whatever color you like. I chose white for mine. while it was drying, I cut a little piece of styrofoam to fit inside the box, and I painted some Dresden trim white and glued that on  to the front of the window box. I did kind of let that dry as well, but I'm not very patient!

I used some inks to give the piece a little age.
I chose 1/2 inch paper roses for my window box. The paper roses have wire stems and I cut them to about an inch and a half and folded the stems double and stuck those in the foam after putting a dab of glue on the underside of each flower.
After everything dried completely ( I had to find another project to do so I wouldn't mess with this one!) I glued the window box under the window and Voila! Easy peasy.

There is the mademoiselle in red again.......

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massofhair said...

Made me lol when i saw the finished project, fabulous ladies & who wouldn't get excited for coffee & chocolate:-) xxx

Holly M said...

Oh boy, this made me both cackle and hoot! I love everything about this piece. If you don't mind, I am going to jack your "House of Underwear" idea and make one for my friend who claims her house is decorated like a San Fransisco whorehouse. With total props to you, of course.

L Mahaffey said...

Thanks, ladies!
Holly feel free to run with it!

smokeysmom said...

OMG too cute! How did you create the roof piece? Wish you would provide a full tutorial for us not-so-creative types:) Anyway, it came out great, as all of your creations do:)

L Mahaffey said...

smokeysmom, I cut the roof out of another piece of chipboard (it's just a long triangle), covered it with paper and trimmed it out with lots of Dresden.
The big vertical sign is from the Glamour and Grunge scrapbook papers and I used several layers of scrap cardboard glued together and placed underneath it to make it stand out.
Hope that helps!

Patricia said...

Love, love, love, it all!! What an inspiring piece of art !Would love to make my own!

Patricia said...

Love, love ,and love your blog and the beautiful piece of art. Will have to try and make it!