Monday, March 18, 2013

My altoid tin 'house' facades

I've had a couple of questions about where I get the facade pieces for the front of my altoid tin shrines.
I make them!
It's pretty dang easy.....I just draw the shape I want on graph paper, cut it out and use it as  a template on some nice stiff card board or book board. (none of my sketch pads have their backs for very long!) I use a straight edge and a sharp x-acto knife. I make several passes on each line instead of trying to cut all the way through in one go. It's a lot easier on my hands and I cut more accurately this way.
Someday I'd like to find a company who will cut bunches to my specifications, but for now, good old muscle does the trick.
Thank you for looking and asking questions!

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Bronwyn said...

As a proundowner of one of your altered altoid tins Lora I lvoed findingoutmroe about how you do them. Thank you for your generosity. Bronwyn