Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The new studio is underway!

It's been a while coming, what with MacGyver having hand surgery and lots of house guests, etcetera and blah, blah blah, life happens.
And we felt overwhelmed about this huge task before us. We decided that we needed a good contractor to get us organized and on task, that had a lot of experience and did quality work. It's also very inspiring knowing you have someone showing up everyday that gives 100 percent and enjoys the work. After searching a bit, we found not only a good contractor, but a GREAT one. His name is Ron and we think he's pretty spiffy.
Ron and MacGyver have been working together for several weeks and here is the beginning of the journey.
Last year we gutted the basement and here is where we left it:
A door had been installed, but it is too small for the space and doesn't let in enough light. (I got talked out of the double French doors that I originally wanted)
The first step that needed to happen was to replace this door with new double doors.
They've removed the single door and have cut out the concrete block on the inside.

It's an exhausting and dirty job!
Many wheel barrows of rubble were hauled away.
Preliminary cuts were made on the out side brick and a large board was screwed into the brick above to support the upper wall after the header was removed. Eventually, this board will be removed and replace with the support for the copper awning that will be installed.
Hey! There's a big hole in my house!
Door wrassling. Getting it level and plumb.
The door is nearly in! Our friend Douglas dropped by to supervise for a moment or two.....
Aaaand the doors are in! They look great!
The timeline photographs don't convey how much work, blood and sweat went into getting this big step done. The guys worked super hard over a period of several days to get those doors in. Our contractors confidence and experience lifted our spirits and encouraged us to move forward, so thank you, Ron!

Next: There's a bunch of studs in my basement!! Stay tuned......


Connie said...

It's going to be such a wonderful space!

Leslie said...

congrats! looks great and like a lot of work yet to come