Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's all about the shoes........

Poor Cinderella. What bad luck she's had. Losing her father at a young age. Growing up with a wicked stepmother and two nasty step sisters, forced into being a scullery maid in her own house, making a beautiful dress and having it torn off her body by those two jealous, mean old steps of hers.
And the girl was rocking the most awesome pair of shoes in fairy tale history and she goes and loses one running down the steps at the royal palace! That is harsh.
She does end up okay in the end.
She gets her shoe back.
That is the important thing, right?

This was a fun project with most of the supplies provided by the awesomeness that is Alpha Stamps!
Loved the beautiful papers that were in the Cinderella Kit. The one on the Cinderella Coach Album is called Serendipity Anticipation Scrapbook Paper and I used the paler side, inking the edges to give more contrast. The black escutcheon-y thing on the door (and parts of the same piece cut and placed under the windows) is part of the Stackable Labels Die-Cut Set that I painted black and used Liquid Pearls-Gold Pearl to pipe on some little Fleur-de-lis and embellishments.

I used the Cinderella Pining Collage Sheet for the image of Cinders hanging out the window pining for her lost shoe. She really isn't thinking about the prince.
Those shoes were epic.

I've had a couple of questions recently about Copic Markers and how I sue them and thought this would be a good opportunity to demo adding color to a collage sheet to pump it up a bit when a little extra oomph is needed.

I got the digital download from Alpha Stamps of the Cinderella Pining Collage Sheet (see link above) and enlarged it by about 30%. I also reversed it as I wanted Cinders to look out the right side window, but she looks great on either side.
In the picture below, you can see the difference between the two images.
I used five colors on the image ( the picture only shows four because I was distracted by a kitty and didn't notice the other pink was missing)

In the next picture, I've partially colored in the hair, the body of the dress and the sleeve so you can see the difference.

The last picture is of the completed coloration of the image and an added dash of sparkle to the pink sleeve. I added a dot of blue to each eye and some pink to her lips.

After the Stickles dried, I cut the image out and fitted her into her window and voila!

For a link to all the supplies used from Alpha Stamps, click HERE.


Cinderella Coach Album
Cinderella Pining Collage Sheet
Serendipity Anticipation Scrapbook Paper (the pale side))
Stackable Labels Die-Cut Set
Liquid Pearls-White Opal
Liquid Pearls-Gold
8mm White Pearls
Tiny Embossed Gold Dresden Borders
8mm Looped Bead Caps-antiqued
India Ink Stamp Pad
Diamond Stickles
Various Copic Markers

Dresden Garland
White Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Stamped Brass Flower (coach wheels)

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Vintage Ellen said...

Thanks for showing how you use the coptic markers. The difference is amazing!