Friday, January 24, 2014

Trying new things

2014 marks a time for trying new things. New places, new foods, new ways of seeing things and trying new crafts.
I've always been intimidated with the idea of quilting. You can erase a line on paper, but you can't fix fabric if you cut it in the wrong place.
Speaking from experience.
I'm such a perfectionist and so used to being successful at crafts, failing miserably (more than once) at quilting was a humbling experience. I am all for learning from my mistakes and I sure have made a bunch over the years, but that has never stopped me from trying and overcoming obstacles.
Quilting is/was one of the few things I've wistfully put aside and left to gather dust in the back of my mind.
I decided to try again this year and a friend and I signed up for a workshop at a local quilt shop called The Sewing Studio.
I was nervous, but the ladies who work there were great, very kind and patient and by lunch time I was wondering why I waited so long to give it a go again.
I had a blast!
My first successful quilting project: The Compass Pillowcase

I love it!

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Faith W said...

Fabulous pillowcase! Love the colours & patterns.