Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mermaids Hidden Treasure

Somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, an undiscovered island sits dozing in the sun. There is a stretch of coastline on this island that is very rough and dangerous, full of large rocks, treacherous tides and sudden undertows. No one would think of anchoring a boat there or heavens forbid, swimming that stretch of shore.
Unless you are a mermaid.
Because under the water there is a hidden grotto that isn't even visible at low tide. The water reflects the dappled sunshine, lighting up this very secret place that the mermaids have chosen to hide the  treasure they have collected over centuries.
They've got stashes all over the seven seas, (they are just as much magpies as us two-leggeds) but this grotto is special. This one has a large golden statue that the mermaids pulled from the wreckage of an old Spanish galleon. A relic from the past that the ladies have adopted as a sort of patron saint of mermaids.
A protector and guardian. No one has ever landed on the islands pretty beaches or explored the enticing tidal pools that lie on the leeward side of the island. So it must be working!

I used lots of sparkly bits and paint on this piece, though it's rather hard to see how glittery it actually is.

I chopped off a couple of chunks of styrofoam and glued them into the places in the corners where I planned to have piles of sea shells, jewels and pearls...that way, I wasn't using (and wasting) massive amounts of supplies trying to make these big piles of treasure. It just looks that way!

This is what it looked like before I put in all the beads and glitter and Liquid Pearls...kind of plain and lacking detail. I may have gone a bit over the top, but hey, if you were amassing loads of treasure over years and years it might look something like this!
A great rationalization for why my studio is always in the state it's in. Which is messy.
Very, very messy.

For a link to the supplies I used, click HERE.

Square shrine Shadowbox
Liquid Pearls (both Platinum and Garden)
Cream Pearl Assortment
Mermaids #2 Collage Sheet
Sea Green Mermaids Collage Sheet
Green And Blue Glass Pearl Beads
Candlestick Holder
Seashells in Plastic Tins
Tiny Real Seashells in Tin
Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
Salad, Golden Yellow, Anise, Moss (used to punch up the color on the mermaids)
Stickles: Diamond and Waterfall

Additional Supplies:
Die-Cut Compass
Liquitex Glazing Medium
Acrylic paints: Phthalo Blue and Phthalo Green (mixed with the glaze)

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Tweedles Wedding Cake

It's a big day down the rabbit hole! Dum and Dee are tying the knot! Everyone is invited to the ceremony and of course, an afternoon tea reception will follow.
I don't think they will run out of cake.
There is Alice trying to coax Humpty Dumpty down gently. Though goodness knows how he got up there in the first place.
Other members of the wedding party waiting patiently for the drama to end so they can get on with things and eat cake. Looks like the Mad Hatter might be giving useless advice.

And here's the Cheshire Cat popping in to watch how it unfolds.

The Tweedles are looking very smart with their shocking pink socks and rose bud boutonniere pins.

Everyone had a grand time eating cake and drinking lashing of tea, but the Doormouse heard from the Chesire Cat the the Queen was on her way to arrest everyone on trumped up charges, so they hid where she would never think to look.......

And the party continued inside the cake. Because, hey, cake is cake no matter how you slice it!

 Most everything I used came from the wonderful Alpha Stamps!
Here is a supplies list:

House of Roses on the Porch Scrapbook Paper
Cube Box 1 Inch
Cube Box 2 Inch
Cube Box 3 Inch
1 Inch Curly paper Roses-Pale Pink
1 Inch Curly Paper Roses-Ivory
Mini Rose Buds-Pink Cream Variegated
Small Pale Pink Mulberry Blossoms
Small Bright Pink Mulberry Blossoms
Tiny Paper Roses-Pink Cream Variegated
3 Inch Tall Candlestick Holder
7/8 Inch Fancy Fan Ivory Lace
Liquid Pearls-Gold Pearl
Liquid Pearls-White Opal
Tenniels Alice Collage Sheet
Tin Sized Alice Collage Sheet
12x12 Chipboard

other supplies:
Pink Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic paint

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lonely Heart Shrine

It's deceptively simple, this little shrine.
But if you take a closer look, there are hundreds of individual polymer clay tiles in the background.
Kind of a metaphor for how simple a person can appear and how complex a human being really is.
Well, most of us, anyway.
And most of us want the same thing...just a little love.
So here, on this Thursday morning, is some love. Take it.
It's free. There's enough for everyone.

There was no pattern I followed to make the tiles. I used black polymer clay and cut lots of sticks. I painted each stick of clay with lots of different iridescent acrylic paints, cut those sticks into various sized squares and baked them off in a toaster oven. Polymer clay manufacturers use different temperatures, so make sure you follow the directions on the package. (I used Primo! by Sculpey)

I chose the Open Front 4.5 x 5.5 Shadowbox as the frame for my shrine and primered the inside back with gesso to give some good tooth for the glue to stick to.
I lined the sides of the inside of the shadowbox and the entire outside (including the back) with Double Dot Vintage Blueberry Scrapbook Paper, but you can use whatever works with the colors you choose to paint your tiles. Here's a LINK to some other gorgeous colors available in this paper collection.

While the papers were drying, I painted the Flaming Heart Shrine that is the big centerpiece, with more iridescent paints and set it aside. After the papers dried on the shadowbox, I stated gluing in the tiny tiles. There really wasn't an order in which I did this. My placement decisions were based on colors and how things fit together. On occasion, I would cut a piece to fit a difficult spot.

After all the pieces were in place and the glue was dry, I 'grouted' the tiles by squeezing Liquid Pearls - Gold Pearl into the gaps between the tiles, like you would with real floor tiles. I used my finger to smooth it in and then frequently wiped the surface of the tiles with a slightly damp paper towel to remove excess gold from the surface of the tiles.

After the grout was dry, I sealed the tiles with a mixture of matte medium and glazing medium. I wanted a satin finish and a mixture of the two gave me the look that I wanted.

When things were dry, I painted white details on the tiles and around the flaming heart. I attached a Large Red/Gold Glass Heart Bead to an old dolls hand and glued it into the flaming heart and glued the piece into the shadowbox, making sure it was centered.

Here's a detail shot showing the gold grout. Notice I didn't use it in all the tiny gaps....I missed a few spots but I kind of liked how it looked so I decided to leave them.

I glued some pretty gold ribbon on the sides of the box for hanging and attached a finding on the bottom of the ribbon ends to finish it off.
For a page of supply links, click HERE.

Supplies list:
Relics and Artifacts Casts-Flaming Heart w/ Support
Large Red/Gold Glass Heart Bead
Liquid Pearls-Gold Pearl
Open front 4.5 x 5.5 Shadowbox
Double Dot Vintage Scrapbook Paper
Gold Metallic Mini Braid
One Inch Wrought Iron Bronze Connector Filigree

Additional Supplies

Doll Hand
Various Iridescent Acrylic Paints
Matte Medium
Glaze Medium

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fair Maidens and Evil Queens

I'm having a little bit of a love affair with this ATC Sized Faux Book Box, so I've carried on making a couple more, but this time it's all about fairy tales.....specifically ''Fair Maidens and Evil Queens".
A book box for each, and I admit, though you probably already guessed this, the Evil Queens were my favorite!
I've also had a couple of e-mails asking how I used the linen hinging tape from my last two books, so I have included a wee tut on that as well. Easy peasy and thanks for asking!

Let's start with the Fair Maidens, shall we?
Those girls, always getting into trouble! Whether from their own choices or others machinations, the situations they get themselves into are pretty crazy.
Curses, sleeping for a hundred years, household slavery, poisoning,'s a real soap opera!
Here are a few of the girls tucked away in their box.

And here they are having a bit of a stretch. I'm not going to leave them out too long. There's no telling what mischief they'll get themselves into!

I used a lot of pretty luscious collage sheets from Alpha Stamps for the images of the girls and they are listed in the supplies below.

We'll say goodbye to the girls for the moment and move on to the queens.

Ah, Evil Queens......they're just not happy without a good poisoning or a beheading, are they? Looks like this one is holding the head of a knight. He must have really pissed her off. That or Mrs. Grumpy Pants got up on the wrong side of the royal bed.

Here's a lovely shot of Queen Eleanor forcing some poison upon the pretty, but hapless Fair Rosamund.

And an array of nasty tempered ladies just looking for someone to whack with their scepters.

Overall, I think they are a fairly sneaky group of pestilential ladies and prefer less obvious means of torture, murder and mayhem. Ooh, this is interesting. A secret stash of poisons! Okay, which one of you 'ladies' smuggled those in here?
Or did all of you connive together? Hmmmm, better keep my eye on you!

For a link to supplies, click HERE for supplies for Fair Maiden and HERE for Evil Queens Supplies.

Supplies list:
Fair Maidens Supplies

ATC Sized Faux Book Box
Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest Scrapbook Papers
Rapunzel Collage Sheet
The Ball Collage Sheet
Midnight #1 Collage Sheet
Cinderella Cleaning Collage Sheet
Sleeping Beauty #2 Collage Sheet
Fair Rosamund Collage Sheet (?)
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders-Black
Gold Mini Rosette Dresden Borders
Liquid Pearls-Platinum
Liquid Pearls-Gold Pearl
7mm Flower Washers
Old Fashioned Roses-Red
12x12 Chipboard

Burgundy Ribbon
Linen Hinging tape

Evil Queens Supplies

ATC Sized Faux Book Box
Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest Scrapbook Papers
Evil Queens Collage Sheet
Fair Rosumund Collage Sheet
Skeleton Slides Collage Sheet
7mm Flower Washers
Gold Mini Rosette Dresden Borders
Black Zig Zag Dresden Borders
12 Tiny Glass Bottles
Corked Vials
12x12 Chipboard
Sparrows Compass Brass Link (substitution for the filigree flower on the Evil Queens Mini Book Holder)
Stickles Christmas Red
Stickles Lime Green
Stickles Black Diamond
Liquid Pearls Blackberry

Round Corked Glass Vial
Craft Jewelry Box Lid (cut in half)
Manila File (cut into a strip and folded accordion style for the Evil Queens mini book)
Linen Hinging Tape


A little tutorial on linen hinging tape and how I use it;

For hinging the Fair Maidens Book Box, whose cover opens and lies flat, I first cut two pieces of tape slightly shorter than the length of the box.
I 'loosely' stuck them on making sure I left enough wiggle room in the space between the covers to allow for the width of scrapbook papers. If you don't allow for this important step, your book may close properly at this point, but won't later on after you've covered the chipboard with papers.
I measured the gap and it's about a quarter inch (1/4) of tape showing between each chipboard piece.

After I was satisfied with the placing of the tape, I used a bone tool to rub the tape onto the chipboard, making sure I had good adhesion.
For extra strength, I laid a piece of tape vertically across the book and used the bone tool on that one well.

Now that the fussy part is finished, I prepped the surface by painting the tape black just over the actual hinge-y bit. It's easier to do this at this stage rather than trying to fuss with painting after you've got your papers on.

While I've got the paint out, I prep any other surface I need to before the papers go on, including the corners of the inside of the box so no light brown from the chipboard shows.

For the Evil Queens box it's the same thing, more or less.
Since there is only one hinge to deal with, it's one piece of tape vertically, making sure once again to leave an appropriately sized gap for papers.
For this application I use two pieces of tape horizontally for strength. Then prep with paint as needed.

I should also mention that I pre-cut all of my papers before I tape things together. Much easier that way!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birds, birds and more birds.

We are having a lot of fun over at Alpha Stamps with our bird themed April! Here are a couple of fun and fairly uncomplicated projects I came up with noodling around with ATC sized book boxes.

Two very different styles, but both with lots of blue. Same theme, same boxes, but so very different from each other!

The darker, Blue Bird Box, I constructed using all the pieces, including the side binding that enables the book to open and the top to lie flat.

Inside I have a sweet set of bird ATC's to browse through......

For the pale blue Trellis Box, I omitted the 'spine hinge and attached the cover directly to the box. I love having options!

To attach the spine and covers of the books, I used linen hinging tape (which you can get HERE), I taped the pieces together and used a boning tool to polish the tape on, making sure I got a good bond, then I attached my scrapbook papers using matte medium. That way, the only part of the linen tape that actually shows is the itty bitty line of 'hinge' connecting the pieces, but there is enough tape on both sides of the covers to give a really strong hold.

Inside the Trellis box is a (surprise!) trellis that I painted white and use as a mid-ground piece between the nest of eggs in the background and the bird sitting in the front.

I really enjoyed using the same platform for two very different pieces!

For a link to supplies from Alpha Stamps, click HERE for the Blue Bird Book Box and HERE for the Trellis Book Box.


(Blue Bird Book Box)

Bees,Birds and Butterflies Collage Sheet
Bird Book Covers Collage Sheet
Victorian Garden Collage Sheet
Blue Birds Collage Sheet
Bird Words Collage Sheet
M For The Magpie Collage Sheet
Vintage Dot Orange Citrus Collage Paper
Vintage Dot Chiffon Collage Paper
Vintage Dot Island Mist Scrapbook Paper
Serendipity Glee Scrapbook Paper
Serendipity Chronicle Scrapbook Paper
Vintage Dot Blueberry Scrapbook Paper
Antique Brass Birdhouse Charm
Liquid Pearls-Platinum
Fancy Bronze Mirror Frame Setting

( Trellis Book Box)

Bees,Birds and Butterflies Collage Sheet
M For The Magpie Collage Sheet
Frolic Petits Moments Scrapbook Paper
Mini Rose Buds-Pink cream Variegated
Tiny Paper Roses Pink Cream Variegated
Antique Silver Birdcage Charm
Doodled Cage With Solid Back
Liquid Pearls-Platinum
Ivy ATC Frame
Mini Birds and Nests Shape Set

Additional Supplies:
Linen Book Binding Tape
White Acrylic Paint
Colored pencils in purples and blues

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


Just a quick and fun card I made for the folks at Alpha Stamps!

For a list of supplies, click HERE. Thanks for coming by!