Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A little flower power.

I felt the need to make something cheerful and bright for my post for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for today. I suppose everyone knows how much I love playing with house shapes, so it's no surprise that I picked the House Room Box Four Cubbies!
My inspiration came from handling the pretty and delicate Posey Panel. I decided that I wanted to fill the house with pretty, cheerful flowers.
And here it is.
I love the bright magenta, purple, orange and teal on the vivid green house!
Here is where I began....
I assembled and glued my little House Room Box together.

I gave the inside of the House and the Posey Panel a good coat of white paint.

I cut and glued this pretty green paper on the roof and the outside of the house, covering the sides, back and bottom.

Using a hand drill, I put a hole in the center of the ridge vent on the roof of the house and set it aside.

After the paint dried on the Posey Panel, I cut each flower out and glued them on cloth covered florist wire. You can use any wire you have on hand...I used this because I had it and it's green.
I patched up the backs where needed with white paint.......

And went to town with color. After the first coat dried, I added detail with little dots of white (I used a Sharpie Poster Pen in white) and then with a bit of glue, added a couple of pretty beads to the flower stems. If you add leaves, be sure and glue them fairly high up (I glued mine to the back of the beads).

I bent the wires 90 degrees from the flower and cut them to a little less than an inch so that my flowers would fit into the house and sit just inside, but not on the edge.
In oder for them to be easily glued in place, I cut some leaf shapes from the green paper and glued them to the bent part of the 'flower stem'.

I then glued the whole thing into the cubbie.

I chose three of the larger flowers and glued them into the hole I drilled in my roof. After they dried completely, using wire cutters, I cut off the stems that were showing in the little attic.
I added some moss around the flowers at the top and in the attic. I nestled two sweet little birds in....one on top with the flowers and the other in the attic (These were beads I found in a string at the craft store). I added some leaves and a flower to the attic space to tie it in to the rest of the house.

As a final touch to the front of the house, I painted and glued on this cute little Petal Corners to the gable.

I added a flower and a Petal corner to the back of the house and some little dots for detail.
Make sure you paint the backs of your flowers as they show when you turn your house around!
Thank for stopping by!
House Room Box Four Cubbies
Posey Panel
Petal Corners

Additional Supplies:
Acrylic paint
White Dresden Trim
Bo Bunny Butterfly Kisses Scrapbook Paper
White Sharpie Poster Paint Marker
Bird Beads
Florist wire

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Family Tree

Hella all, Lora here for Gypsy Soul laser Cuts! This ladies origins are a mystery, but she had to come from somewhere....
Mostly just from my odd head and because I've been working with birds a lot lately and also the beautiful imagery that come with the tree of life stories that are in so many cultures.
I like the idea that the 'crown' of the tree is sprouting out of her crown.
And her roots are strong and deep.
I began with four things.....
A cabinet door I got at the resale store for fifty cents, Arch Top Triptych-8 inch and two sets of the 3D Chipboard Tree-6 inch.
I primed the cabinet door and cut up the trees and played with various configurations until I found one that looked good to me.
I set the pieces aside ( I used this picture as a reference for putting the tree back together later) and using matte medium, I glued in strips of old dictionary pages in long lengths that look like newspaper columns, but you can use any pattern or random style of your choosing.
After the paper dried, I used the center piece from the Arch Top Triptych as a template and lightly drew around the edge of the frame. I used this pencil mark as a guide for where to place my tree branches.
I glued them down and added a coat of matte medium and let it dry thoroughly.
Now comes the painting! I love playing with paint. The instant gratification that comes with adding color sings in my heart.
I used acrylic paints (colors will be in the supplies list) and some glaze to keep the colors translucent. I wanted to be able to see the words through the color, creating a layer of depth and texture.
Lots of airy blue sky and green, rooty depths. I made sure I painted the crown of the tree white because...
I want the (fairly) translucent single ply of the image from a napkin to show clearly and a white background makes the images stand out.
I peeled the napkin apart, making sure that the image is on a single ply of paper (most good quality napkins are three ply, make sure you have peeled all three ply apart and are using the single top image ply). I tore of the leaf bits I wanted to use, and yes, tearing is best, a cut line leaves an obvious edge and a torn edge blends right in. I applied a light coat of matte medium to the surface of the board and branches and the brushed more on the image pieces as I laid them in place on the top of the tree. I used my brush to sort of 'tuck' the napkin pieces around the tree branches, leaving a little air space as possible and bringing forward the texture of the branches.

Whilst letting this dry, I gessoed the arch top triptych pieces and glued in my chosen paper. Then gave it a nice coat of gold paint.
I used an image from an old cabinet card from 1900 (I scanned the image...I never use the originals) and colorized her dress with Copic markers and acrylics paints. I used an image of a secretary bird head and crowned it, adding tree branches to give the illusion that the tree is coming from her head, brain, imagination? You can decide!
And of course, I had to add my dots....
Thank you for dropping by!

Arch Top Triptych-8 inch
3D Chipboard Tree-6 inch

Copic Markers
Acrylic paints in;
Sap green, Chromium Oxide Green, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna
White, Ultramarine Blue.
Tim Holtz Distress paint in Broken China and Salty Ocean.
Graphic 45 Scrapbook paper from Botanical Bella
Dictionary pages
Liquitex Matte Medium
Liquitex Glazing Medium

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Summer is icumen.....

Summer is icumen.....an old English round robin song that was going through my head when I started playing with this sweet Small Trinket Drawer Stand. Warm sun, sunflowers and butterflies....sweet summer and all of it's pleasures is icumen!

Here's where I began......I made sure I had the proper pieces in the proper places.
And glued the main body together and then the drawer, securing the drawer with rubber bands for a tight glue-fit.
I cut and glued on my papers: Bo Bunny Double Dot Vintage Citrus on the inside and Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Optical Oddities (the striped side) on the back and sides. The little drawer has a pre-drilled hole for a knob, which makes things easy! I cut a sunflower out of some French Country paper (G45) and centering it on the hole, glued it down and the put my knob on.
I cut some more French Country to fit the Chunky ATC Blanks.
I love these Chunky ATC Blanks! They are super sturdy and come in a set of three. I use them all the time.
I also cut some zig-zag Dresden border to frame out the pretty sunflowers. I printed out the word 'Beautiful' and used an oval bookplate from the Miniature Bookplate Shape Set to frame it and attached it to the ATC. I glued on the borders and attached it to the Trinket box.

So cheerful and pretty!
After painting it black, I glued an element from the Stackable Labels Shape Set
to the top of the back side of the Trinket Box and then glued a great old 'sign' from the other side of the G45 Optical Oddities paper over the Label Shape and then framed out the bottom and top with more Dresden trim.
I like that it looks like an unfurled scroll. I added some more butterflies. While I could have kept going, I decided that less was more and jus added a couple of butterflies to the sides. After giving the whole thing a coat of matte varnish, I call it finished!
I love this color combination. I never get tired of it - orange and black is not just for Halloween!
Though I admit that it does make me miss my favorite holiday.
Thank you for stopping by!
 Small Trinket Drawer Stand (coming soon)
 Stackable Labels Shape Set
 Chunky ATC Blanks

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Cheerful ATC Tote

I love this little tote! It reminds me of something I would see in a market stall. If it was for sale, I'd snatch it right up.
Thanks Alpha Stamps for letting me play with it..it was fun!

I started out with the ATC Tote Box. I cut all the papers for the inside and the outside...
 I glued the papers on each section, then sanded and inked edges. Then assembled and glued the box together, using rubber bands to keep it a tight fit whilst the glue dried.
A bit more sanding and inking where the glued edges met.
I added a double row of Black Zig Zag Dresden Borders (I LOVE Dresden trim!) and some pretty Tiny Paper Roses in red....
And lots of little dots for extra detail because if not glitter, then dots! Dots are kind of a thing with me. I love 'em.
I added a cute little saying I got from the Spring Market 6x6 Paper Pad which is also where the papers came from for covering the tote.
And made some springy, fun ATC's to put into the tote, because an empty ATC Tote Box just won't do!
The back view of the ATC's....
Such a fun project! For a link to all the supplies I used from the Awesome Alpha Stamps, click HERE
Thank you for stopping by!

Bouquets Collage Sheet
Seed Catalog ATCs Collage Sheet
Butterflies Collage Sheet
ATC Tote Box
Tiny Paper Roses-White
Tiny Paper Roses-Red
Black Zig Zag Dresden Borders
Spring Market 6x6 Paper Pad
Double Dot Vintage Sweet Pear Scrapbook Paper
Chunky ATC's

Stickles Seafoam 
Prima assorted paper flowers
Distress Ink Pad-Vintage Photo
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink Pad

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Summer Cottage

Hello everyone, Lora here taking my turn for the amazing Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!
Ever dream of getting away for the summer? Escape the bustle of the city or the heavy heat and humidity that we get here in the south? I do. I love where I live but there are two months of the year when the pollen is terrible (for someone who has summer allergies) and the heat is so thick, you can scoop it with a spoon.
Those two months I dream of a sweet little cottage somewhere far north, near the sea.
A place where I can open the windows, smell the salt and feel the ocean breeze, hang laundry on the line, bake pies and be near enough to walk to the beach.
And maybe eat a lobster roll or two.
This dream is what inspired my little 'Summer Cottage'.

I began with the Arch Top Cabinet with Doors.
I opted not to use the doors this time as I wanted it to be open and airy. (For a look at what a piece looks like with the doors attached, click HERE)
I assembled the piece and papered the outside with Double Dot Vintage Soft Pear Scrapbook Paper, sanded the edged and inked them with Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink.
Knowing I would need a large amount of sky, I papered the inside back with a blue paper, and painted the top, bottom and sides (inside) white.
I painted this quick little watercolor and cut it up, with the center piece measured to fin the width of the inside of the cabinet.
NOTE: There will be a tutorial on how to paint a little watercolor cottage later in the spring for those of you who are interested.
I also painted a bunch of blobby bits that will become shrubbery (Okay, it's irresistible......"Don'y say 'Shrubbery'!") and a path that I also cut out. I glued foam core to the backs of the pieces that thought I wanted to use and began playing with a layout stacking them up to create layers and depth.
When I was happy with the way things looked, I began gluing the pieces in, working my way from the background (the biggest piece, which is the house) to the foreground, a bright green shrub.
 There are four layers stacked in this piece to create depth, but you can certainly add more or less depending on how much detail you want. I added a few flowers and dots for a finishing touch.
My little Summer Cottage...I like guests.....maybe I'll see you here someday!

Arch Top Cabinet with Doors

Additional supplies:
Bo Bunny Double Dot Vintage Soft Pear Scrapbook Paper
Prima Flowers
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink
Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Schmincke Watercolors

Thank you for dropping in!