Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Pretty Victorian Wall Shelf

Detail can be a thing of beauty. I have always loved hand painted details on furniture and combining that with the wonderfully scrolly Victorian Wall Shelf Miniature is a match made in heaven!
I love working in 1:12 scale and this is a perfect piece for the WIP doll's house I have been slowly working on for about a year. The beautiful and graceful scroll work on this piece inspired me to enhance the already lovely shape and add pretty gold details.
 Here's where I started out....
Glued the bits together. Make sure you put your brackets in right way up! Just sayin'......
I gave it a good coat of gesso and then a coat of white acrylic paint.
I have a nice little collection of old watch faces and wanted to use one for the circle that was just crying to be a clock.
I chose one and dry fit it into the hole, then drew a circle around it to mark where the edges were on the circle.
And yes! This next picture is meant to be upside down. The shelf part of the clock would have inhibited me from doing a consistent paint job on the details, so I flip the piece over and did my rough guide/sketch of my design....
And then began to paint it on. I used Lumiere Metallic Acrylic in Sunset Gold and a #4 round brush. I like this brush because it holds it pointy tip and allows for fine lines and it's stiff enough that I can paint little swirly circles and dots.
I am right-handed, so I paint from the left to the right, that way I don't drag my hand through any wet paint.
Here is what the completed gold paint looks like.
I wanted to age it up a bit...the white is a little too bright for me, so I used a little water and Quinachrodone Gold to 'yellow' the white and make the gold look just a bit richer.
Quinac Gold is a semi translucent acrylic paint that I use a lot either by itself or with a little black to give the appearance of age or grime to a piece. (this is a variation on something I learned from the amazing and very funny Michael deMeng)
I smoodged around a bit of the quinac and water and then wiped it down with a bit of damp paper towel. I reapplied as I need to to get the color I wanted.
It goes without saying that you want your detail painting to be completely dry before you do this!
 The finished shelf!
And with some fun goodies displayed on it...

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
Victorian Wall Shelf Miniature

Additional supplies from Alpha Stamps
Even tinier books-set of 12
Three Miniature Vases
Small Mulberry Blossoms
Amber Candy Dish Set

Acrylic paints
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sometimes You Need A Crown

Hola everyone! Lora here taking my turn in the wonderful world that is Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
Crowns. Sometimes you just need one.
Mothers Day, Birthdays, International Wear a Crown Day.
I don't think there is such a day, but why not?
And there are some days, draggy, blah days, days of gloominess where a crown would perk you right up, give you that extra boost of confidence.
What about exam days?
Laundry Days? Dental appointments? Grocery shopping?
Any occasion, any reason is a good one to wear a crown. Makes you feel like you can tackle anything, like going to the zoo with an entire Kindergarten class or walking into a bio hazard area like a teenagers bedroom.
So go ahead, put the crown on....you'll be so glad you did!
 So very....pink. For some reason, this shade was singing a little 'I'm so pretty' siren song to me. MacGyver says it reminds him of a Hawaiian princess, so I'm gonna go with that.
It even looks pretty nice from the back, because you can't have too many flowers.
Here's where I started out.....
I then used the crown pieces as templates and cut my paper, glued it on the appropriate pieces and painted the fancy top layer white.
I glued the skinnier pink strip to the bottom of the fancy cut layer for extra strength and when it dried, I glued it to the large base layer. I glued the wide strip that wraps around the back of the head on ONE SIDE ONLY of the crown front. The reason being, that it is much easier to embellish on a flat surface than a curved one.
I also added a couple of brads for extra strength at the attachment point and do the same thing when I complete the circle and you can see that in the picture below.
But while the piece is flat is the time to add all of your chosen embellishments. I went a little nuts with the pearls and sparkly Stickles. It was fun!
I left little spaces at the top of the points so there was room to glue on flowers.
I piped some lime green and orange peel Stickles around the fancy cut piece and flower centers.

 Added some dot detail with Opal White Liquid Pearls to tie in with the pearl strands.....

And voila! A crown fit for a princess! Or a soccer mom, or a CEO. You get the idea......


Additional supplies:
Stickles in Lime green and orange peel
Various 'silk' flowers
Liquid Pearls in White Opal
White Acrylic Paint
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